Apr 26, 2017


technically this is day three but since it's the second complete day so i'm counting it as day two.
today we go to shibuya!
~breakfast flatlays~

we drop by the same grocery store every night and each person gets to pick out one type of baked good. these raisin rolls are pretty good! 

see those fluffy cheesecake-like things on the left? that's castella cake. (kasutera hehehe). it's a type of portuguese honey sponge cake that's famous in nagasaki! i've always wanted to try it after reading about it on Just Bento. we also bought three types of cultured drinks (Bifix 1000, meiji and yakult) for variety's sake. 

these are a couple of the pins that peggy got for me from the gachapon. the tokyo skytree is pretty cute! also trains cause japanese trains are the best. 

cause liz and peggy took forever to get ready, i poked around the apartment and took this from the balcony of our place. tokyo's really grey. but it's a beautiful kind of grey. i think.

we made our way to shibuya for the fames crossing. also somehow we missed the hachiko statue LOL. but we saw the hachiko mural though. that counts, right?


so we bugged off to starbucks where everyone says it's the best spot to see the scramble. BUT STARBUCKS WAS SO CROWDED WITH TOURISTS ALL WITH THE SAME IDEA. so we sed. we went up the floors hoping to find another floor with nice windows but it's all blocked with shelves upon shelves of cds and dvds so finally we got to the 6th and 7th floor where we arrived at heaven.

i basically left peggy and liz alone to browse the fashion mags (more like checking out which one has better freebies; they give the best bags/makeup/totes). 
look at their food magazines! the layout and design is just too incredible. finally i gave in and bought hanako hehehehe. mostly cos' they have bread-themed stickers in it. HAHAHAHAHA. don't judge me.

i also bought a design book about vintage tokyo labels as kar yen's birthday present here. they even have other titles on vintage japanese bottles, vintage stationery and so on. all photographed and styled so beautifully i just want to buy them all! the 7th floor has more english titles and magazines too!  

finally we got our fashion magazines and food magazines and books and left tsutaya. now for some coffee! 

astro boy spotted on the street. 

we went to streamer coffee company! it's famed for their latte art hehe. tiny space, english-speaking staff, lots of tourists/angmohs, limited selection of baked goods, and no pourovers. that camo doughnut is actually a matcha doughnut. initially i didn't want to get that, but the other one is a raspberry doughnut i think so we finally went for the camo one lol. it's surprisingly good!

peggy's attempt at levitation.

after sustenance in the form of camo doughtnus and flat whites, it's time for our next destination!
we walked through the backstreets of shibuya. it's a really nice neighbourhood!
peggy accidentally got this cool shot as a van passed by.
she was trying to take a photo of me doing my levitation thing. that green satchel was from the flea market! hehehehehe best buy lah best buy.
we're almost there! stopped to take selfies also that cute guy was passing by and we got a shot of him LOLOL 

and we're here! 

i found Raw Tokyo on instagram and thought we should check it out. it's on the first weekend of every month so i figured that it's more accessible as well. but that accessibility comes at a price, i guess. things are kinda expensive here! but it's all really cool stuff. 
look at those blooms! i kept zooming in on those blooms and sending snaps to wai yeng hahahha. this was basically a florist's dream come true!

after awhile i got separated from peggy and liz. but i found this dog adoption drive! look at this cutie up for adoption :')
and this shiba too! it's a pet-friendly market so quite a few guys brought their dogs along.
lots of little food and coffee trucks.

after the food market outside, you can find vintage clothes and toys at another part of the market.
look at that handmade jacket! this is a really cool stall. most of the other stalls were just selling old clothes and kimonos and leather jackets and whatnot. but this stall was full of clothes that the owner repurposed and designed! SUPER EXPENSIVE (for us, at least). but yeah, eccentric people with money should come here hahahha. 

there was also this little bookmobile! all japanese titles i sad.
succulents in a nice wooden display rack!
loads of nice pottery too. but these were going for like rm40 each. then i think of my rm2 plates from the flea market yesterday and i sed :(
there was a super long queue for this truck! it was just this guy slicing up pork with egg and grilled onigiri but his food styling game is strong ahha. that little window atop his truck let in so much natural light and the babi looked so good that we had to join the queue.

jeng jeng jeng. 
here's the food! grilled rice balls are all sold out so we replaced it with onsen (?) egg instead.
can't wait to dig in! also it was scarily cold by that time and we were just shivering and dying from the cold hahahah. also that means the pork and egg is all cold lah. so it's not very nice one LOL. we just gobbled it up so we can run somewhere to escape the cold.
pretty little sakura branches from the flower stall earlier!
next stop! we walked on to Shibuya Hikarie, a cool new mall that also houses the D47 museum. It's not exactly a museum, but more like a gallery that displays items from the prefectures in Japan. there's a design travel store, a restaurant serving specialty dishes from the prefectures, and an exhibition space that displays items from a particular issue of the magazine. the d design magazine devotes an entire issue to stories about one prefecture. for example, there are issues on Nara, Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka (the cover is a huge cup noodle!), and so on. when we visited, that particular issue on display is Saitama, and you'd get all this little detailed displays about the stories in that Saitama issue. if there was a story about this soba maker, then you'd get a little display about that soba maker, a buckwheat milling machine, little baskets of buckwheat, and so on. by the time we were done with that exhibition, peggy and liz were both muttering about how we must visit saitama soon. lol.

then we picked up free postcards in the design store and i bought an issue of d design magazine on nara (it's most in Japanese but it has english translations YES). also they don't give out paper bags. instead there's a giant basket of pretty paper bags recycled from other shops and you just take one if you need a paper bag.

by then, night has fallen so we camped at the top floor of the shibuya hikarie building to rest our feet before braving the cold again.

liz is stressed with work-related matters.
while me and peggy just kept ourselves busy by taking photos of the glittering buildings.
then off we go to tick yakitori off the tokyo food list! 
omoide yokocho was touted as some gritty little lane full of yakitori shops but in my opinion it's gotten a bit too touristy*. but beggars can't be choosers when it's already nine pm and you haven't had a proper meal the whole day and it's freaking cold lol so we went in the first shop that seemed to have seats for the three of us.

*(well, you do see japanese salarymen eating there, but you also get hordes of tourists and mat sallehs wandering around so......)
kanpai! liz and peggy with kirin, me with boiling hot green tea lol.
this is basically how the yakitori alley looks like. 

then we stumbled home with frozen toes in frozen boots through frozen paths and frozen underpasses. 



ok grace wants to use my wonky laptop now bye love you guys

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