Jan 22, 2017


hello there! sorry didn't mean to yell; i don't know what got into me but it's 11.39pm on a sunday night, i just got home after a round (okay, many rounds) of captainball, another round at the mamak, showered and semi-dried my hair, and propped my aching feet up on the dustbin next to the desk and SOMEHOW I DECIDED TO TRY LOGGING INTO MY LONG-DED BLOGGER ACCOUNT TO POST SOMETHING. 

consider this my 2017 blogging goals achieved. sometime late last year, a college mate whatsapped me out of nowhere to ask me why i stopped blogging. it came as a surprise that people still check on my blog LOL. i told him that i got too busy but the real reason is.....

i got too busy. 


nah just that life got in the way and i got so burned out by work that i couldn't even find time to wash my hair regularly and get enough sleep that the mere thought of editing photos and rambling on till 3am and trying to check the alignments of the blogpost just.............. fell way, way down my list of priorities. 

anyway, not to say i'm super free now lah. got mood now ma! i'll probably regret this at work tomorrow (this age thing is no joke. if i don't get sufficient sleep i basically sustain on successive cups of expensive americanos and my brain slows down by 90 percent. guh)

so let's make this a quick one and forgive me for my grammatical errors yeh?

today's update is basically what i got outta my disposable camera. my AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING colleagues got me a disposable camera for my birthday and it took me ages to finish the 35 pics and get it processed. BUT GOT IT PROCESSED I DID AND HERE'S THE RESULTING POST. 

(if anyone is interested, i got it processed here)


this is one of the last few images i took (sorry la it's not in chronological order cuz in case you can't tell i can't be bothered). we went on an impromptu day trip to Tanjung Sepat! this is a nice rickety private pier that we went out on. we spent some time trying to take a nap. it was so windy (hence chiyan's pretty hair here) and relaxing but the fear of sunburn kept us awake. 

more pics on the pier! 

nicholas, cy, eugene, jacky!


dragged danielle along on my Klang outings when we were dying with the Klang issue. she had lots of Klang tips (hidden curry rice by the river, nice old coffee stalls in alleys, tiny bak kut teh joints) and she played tourist with me too! here's a shot of her (looking super skinny after a terrible bout of food poisoning) on the Kota Bridge. thank you so much, danni!

one fine day i was wandering around Petaling Street on my own for some assignment and i decided to snap this to remind me of my Old KL jaunts. it was super dark (and kinda rainy, if i remember correctly) but i didn't care. glad it turned out okay! KL i will always love you. 

also went to the iconic Foto Pak Tai to get new photos taken! the old uncles said something along the lines of 'you young people never come take photos here, so if the police didn't come here to get their photos taken we'd have zhap lap a long time ago lor!'

they've moved a few doors away to a shoplot upstairs, but i took a pic of this beautiful facade to commemorate the occasion. 

this is alison! she's the one who first influenced me to use a disposable camera. and also the one who influenced me to start brewing at home. and she also loves food so much that she basically kept me going for a longer time that i would have. 

this was taken after a wonderful (INCREDIBLE AMAZING LOVELY HAPPY RELAXING) day out to A Little Farm on the Hill. definitely one of the major highlights of my time at the magazine. 

pastel pink flats of Kampung Baru. 

taken by alison! same happy day at Little Farm :)

i really liked the wall of inflatable toys but it was late evening by the time I got su ann to take a photo of me so yeah try to find me.

also su ann liked the walls of the paper cutting shop. 

su ann took this! we went to melaka on assignment and had fun stalking melaka cats but not so much the tragic, rampat overcommercialisation of the city. more on that next time. i always take tons of photos of places thinking 'i'll blog about this later', but it never happens. but hopefully i'll get around to it. heh. 

SS15 rojak and cendol hunt with graceet, sukkie and eatkuih! 

alison and nadcracker at Chocha. this is a good case of over-representation of the team. HAHAHA sorry inside joke HAHAHA

i'm sorry i took this but when i went it wasn't such a social media hotspot but yeah this is a good photo cuz it has the embroidered telur mata tote that alison got me for my birthday, and in ana's words, 'it's not joyce if her hands are not full'. 


i've never really noticed that haha johari blind window much. 

last pic! we had a team outing picnic (spot the tikar on the bottom right corner with kfc butter buns and yakult bottles) at klcc to buka puasa AND celebrate tze yuen's and my birthdays. wai yeng seems to be holding up the totoro postcard which su ann got from japan early last year. From left: tze yuen, su ann, wai yeng, nadia, ana, melissa and alison. all immensely talented and caring people i'm honoured to have worked with, and incredibly grateful to have known.