Jan 2, 2016

2015 - a looksee

it's 2016! happy new year! 

here's a tiny post  to assure you that i'm alive and well. 2015 has been a great year, i guess. i slacked a lot on the blogging and journalling department so now i'm not quite sure what are the highlights for this year. haha. let's see.

in 2015:

1. i transferred teams in the office, resulting in a super steep learning curve and with it, a lot more opportunities that showed me what my weaknesses were. which is why i applied to transfer teams in the first place, but uhh growing pains abound. i'd like to think i bucked up a bit though. so work-wise it's been kinda fun. stupidly stressful, but fun.

2. ate gluten-free kuih. i had to eat a lot lot lot more after joining this new team, and also as a result of bad time management i sort of gave up staying fit. so that's something i'll have to look into in 2016.
 3. made orange cake! i also learnt to enjoy being in the kitchen a bit more. now forgive me if all i want is to stay home, bake, and read while eating stuff i made.

 *another shot of my beautiful orange cake for posterity also i went for a food styling workshop conducted by instagram extraordinaire trisha toh at snackfood so i also tried to style my baked goods LOL but this was the only time i went all semangat so yeah. photos overload*

4. ooooh i got a diving license! to be honest i'm kinda sad that my travels were significantly lessened in 2015. i shall rectify that in 2016. i'll be going to china in march! balik tongsan hohoho. wish me luckkk

i mean, this year started smoothly enough. then as usual i had to crash somewhere in the middle, being all dissatisfied with life and not sure where i was heading and berating myself for being so useless and being a whiny kid in general. in short, i lost direction. 

well, thank God for giving me a quick breather and the blessing to have guidance and reminders from others around me. i'm super thankful to have 2015 end on a wonderfully positive note. we may have our episodes of rot, but in Him we are renewed! 

it's 3rd  Jan 2016 already! goodnight! 

meanwhile, i'll have a good think about my resolutions this weekend. hahah. 



(in case you can't tell, i really took a lot of pictures of this citrusy kek.)