Nov 8, 2015

Pasar Pagi Sungei Way

it's been a few months since i wrote anything here! 

update: had been fatigued, sick, getting better and lots of accomplishments in turn. it's a vicious cycle. work is weird. it consumes you; you feel like there's SO MUCH MORE you SHOULD do and CAN do but at the same time your body is tell you to stop doing all this because it can't take this (by this, the terrible working hours and disgusting sugar intake and almost falling asleep at the wheel) any more. 

in short, i need some balance. but yet there's so much more i want to do! 

it's time to take a step back and do some evaluation, eh? 

here are some photos taken during a visit to the sri setia morning market. 

sri setia, also known as sungei way, is a small town on the edge of PJ, next to federal highway, opposite the GAB plant. 

it's also where my mom grew up, and a few of her relatives still stay there. 

i've always visited that area, staying over at my cousin's house, eating hokkien mee, receiving scholarship from the primary school there (they always have ais kacang during those ceremonies!), watching my dad play mahjong with his buddies... etc lah. i even bought my first phone (the slider Nokia 6111!) there! 

however, as the years passed, i spent less time there, and somewhere along the line, gradually the residents of the town moved away or started renting their houses to migrants, so it took on a good mix of old town chinese kampung vs migrant town atmosphere. 

one fine day, my brother was in an extra good mood and he wanted to find out about this mysterious mushroom curry chee cheong fun located at the sungei way morning market. 
apparently mom used to tapau the mushroom curry chee cheong fun for us (but i have zero recollection of it), so the mushroom curry holds a sort of nostalgic childhood taste for my brother. 

his colleague told him that one can still have mushroom curry chee cheong fun at the morning market at sungei way so off on a food hunt we go! 

it's really nice! and i kind of remembered the taste of it once we've had it. we've since returned multiple times for it, sometimes when we need to go to PJ church for special services or whatnot. we've even met our uncle and his family there. apparently they have been coming here for years too. (Y U NO TELL US)

you can find the stall at the top floor food court section of the morning market. the mushroom curry is pretty good: silky smooth, with a douse of dark brown shiitake mushroom sauce, chicken curry, and shredded chicken bits. pickled green chillies optional. 

after that i went back a few more times for a feature on chee cheong fun that i'm working on, hence this series of photos i've taken during my various trips there. the lady owner of the stall is very friendly too, telling me about her various volunteering experience with the sungei way community, how the migrants in town are very kind and helpful (no joke; they come for gotong-royong activities), and the background story of how her parents got to sell chee cheong fun in the first place: 

-the story-

once upon a time, her dad wasn't doing quite well as an odd job man/electrician (and with a young family to support too). one day, he was helping out an old lady with odd jobs around the house. the old lady (hails from ipoh, sells mushroom-style chee cheong fun and ready to retire) took pity on him and decided to teach him the trade so that he could support his family. the thing is, plenty of people tried to learn the family recipe from her but she was quite picky, rejecting all offers, so it was weird how she decided to, of all people, teach her dad. 

so that's how her family got to sell mushroom curry chee cheong fun to this day. ding.


it's a rare dish. it took my brother super long to find even one stall that was selling it. there's another stall on the ground floor that sells the mushroom curry chee cheong fun as well, but the sauce wasn't as fragrant and smooth. 

i chatted to a few other residents of sungei way, and one muttered about how if i interview the stall owner and feature her in the magazine, that would only give her more opportunities to hike the price again. hahahahahah. 
the morning market is a beautiful place. go in the morning for maximum light and photo ops. i had to rush back to the office after that so here are just a couple of photos. might go back there again for better shots next time. 

go there! go makan! and buy a copy of the november issue of the magazine to find out about other delicious chee cheong fun in kl. hehehehe. anyway, i miss writing here. it's time i do more writing for myself.

it's 10:05pm. time to sleep early and face the week tomorrow! have a good week ahead, you guys.