Aug 2, 2015

Outing with Mr Koh - Thieves Market, Jalan Sultan

One fine public holiday morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn to go on an outing with Mr. Koh! 

Dad told me about the Thieves Market at Jalan Sultan some time ago, and I've always told him that we should go together. So that day i woke up (a very rare occasion indeed), he woke up, and then he asked me if i wanna join him to hunt for this teapot at the market.

"this market would have the teapot."

so off we went! 
Petaling Street's really beautiful in the morning. 
tadah. off we go. 
we were walking through some alleys to get to the market, so that's when i began photographing his back. hehe. 
deng deng. introducing mr koh's manly back.
here's the entrance of the market! 
and lots of stuff displayed by the sidewalk. and by which i meant,  A LOT of stuff. 
there's this dude with his old notes and coins. dad said he had a friend who bought some coins off him then managed to sell it for a much, much higher value. haha. so you can find anything here. 
tiny porcelain pots, pendants, china 'pillow', coal-iron, and er ball point pens and a nail cutter. 
also at the market: an assortment of milo mugs. 
there's no telling what you may find here. it may seem like a lot of junk, which really makes me wonder who would actually purchase these stuff. 
lots of memory cards though. as well as iPhones and stuff. 

damn. come to think of it, i might find my stolen iPhone here. 
and these. see what i mean? WHO WOULD BUY THESE THINGS? 

mad inventors, probably. 
dad hunting for his teapot. hahah. 
and er. shoes. hahhaha. also that sunflower visor ain't looking half bad. 
nice boots, old clothes by the bundle, old luggage, old pendants. 

we wandered for awhile more then dad decided to take a break for breakfast. (spoiler: we didn't manage to get the teapot for mom at the end. )

he got porridge! i got the chee cheong fun. 
trying to capture the steam rising from the porridge ala Dave Hagerman but uh, doesn't seem to be working. 

There were lots of tourists around on their photography walks. Didn't know Petaling Street's such a hot spot for photography enthusiasts.  

Dad giving up our table for other customers. heh. 
Next stop: famous mua chee for Grace! 
While dad buys food, i stalk other old men. 
Alright. Off to the market we go. 
I think this was taken after we emerged from the market. Apparently there's really nice assam laksa in the market but i was too preoccupied with not getting chicken blood on my camera to take picturessss.  
more shots of Old KL. 
and then we headed home. that's it! 

We were home before 9:30, i think. Felt like such a productive day! 

Come to think of it, i think i got my interest in jalan-jalan from dad. hehe. Will plan more outings with him lah. maybe to a durian orchard next.

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