Aug 10, 2015

One off the list - Diving!

First things first: diving is hard work

Okay, maybe i didn't really think about it, but same like most others in our dive team, we expected it to be a holiday by the beach and the sun and the sea. la la la la la. 

We couldn't have been more wrong. 

Let me rewind. This trip was initiated by matt (also known as nian fong), organized by ze kai, and participated by me, bun bun, johnson, soon yik, and at the very last minute, soon yik's cousin, ah thai. 

When matt asked if i wanted to join them for the trip, i had to, since no one else i knew was interested in getting a diving license. Plus matt and bun and ze kai are like my island buddies lah. we've been to so many islands together! One of the main reasons we wanted to get a diving license is also because we got bored with snorkelling. 

Then it turned out that once i started telling people i'm going to get my diving license, at least two other friends told me that they really wanted to get their diving license too! cheh. 

So that's how i broke my 'no travel for 2015' rule by going on this diving trip with these guys! :D 

We went to Tioman. So the night before matt came to kl from terengganu, bun went to johor from singapore. then the next morning my dear sister eunice koh dropped me off at soon yik's house in nilai, then we all departed to kluang, had breakfast, met up with bun, and also ze kai's gf & her friends who will be joining us to tioman but just for snorkelling, then all went to mersing for the jetty together. whew. the mind-boggling logistics made me miss those days back in inti so much. where everyone would just roll off bed and amble from our hostel rooms to the meeting point within two minutes. :'(

Back to my topic: diving is hard work. Our first day was spent in snorkelling gear by the beach, learning the basics of breathing, mask changing, swimming without a mask, paddling, and generally getting comfortable with the idea of the ocean. I had a bit of trouble learning how to free dive (sort of like tilt yourself downwards, feet skywards, and dive right to the bottom), but all of us managed it in the end! 

and when you do it, you go right up to the bottom of the sand and see all the fishes up clooooose. that's the fun part. seeing things in the sea closely for the first time. 

Day two: time to don fins and tanks! But before that, we had to learn how to set up our dive equipment, attach this to that, check the air pressure, check this check that, and i didn't know tanks were this heavy! but yeah, we had fun. 
Plus, in order to make sure we can wear and take off our masks easily underwater, we had to keep our hair out of our faces. my boss who got her diving license told me that she wore a swim cap. but i didn't have one! luckily our dive instructor Burger (yes, people call him that) has his ways. that's bun bun's hair in sellotape! and it's really easily removable.  
nah. our handsome instructor. this is Burger writing down everything he wants us to achieve later.
my mask! hehe. also, luckily they provided nice new masks with power. so at least my astigmatism didn't get in the way. 

We spent the rest of day two by the beach, lugging our diving equipment about and learning more new things like taking off your buoyancy control device underwater, reattaching your air tank underwater, expelling water in your breathing device, etc. 

Basically, it all boils down to this: BUOYANCY CONTROL. 

which i kinda suck at :( 
Day three! we were getting ready to finally go out and see the open water, i think. hence those excited faces. (from left: soon yik, johnson, nian fong, bun bun, ze kai!)

We went to a few different dive sites, and it's majorly fun. i quite like the backward flip water entry thing. It's fun lah, but our buoyancy control still needs some work. 

When we emerged from the water, some snorkellers saw us and were all 'eh got diver got diver!'. and we all felt like laughing because that was our first dive outside. They definitely have no idea the amount of scolding we got underwater HAHAHAHA. 

after the dive, it's time for some photos! I didn't take much photos at all this trip because all our time is spent taking lessons, swimming, setting up equipment, and by the end of it, you're too tired to take photos any more. and i didn't want my camera to get wet lah. salt water is crazily harmful to cameras, man. 
from left: nian fong, johnson, soon yik, and bun! this shot was taken as our dive instructors pushed the equipment by. hehe. 

evening sunlight, best lah. 
this is matt! he's the hyperactive diver; always abandoning his dive buddy, and taking everything in with his GoPro. i think Burger confiscated his GoPro on this dive. lol. 

haha thanks for organizing this trip, bro. more dive trips to terengganu next time! :D
we barely had time to take any more photos as we were summoned to clean up our equipment. haha. 
you can see them hard at work already. 

after that, we went back to our rooms, had a quick shower, came back for a seafood barbecue (the playlist basically consisted of only Jay Chou which made the night very enjoyable heeheehee), then around 10:30pm, it's time for our written exam! 

I tell you ah, the schedule here is punishing. 
Morning: Lessons in the classroom then lessons in the water. 
Afternoon: More lessons in the classroom and then lessons in the water. 
Night: Classroom lessons. 

There's no time for what relaxing sun sand sea vacation. be warned! 


Day four: our last dive! 

Once again we went into the water by the beach, and this time we learnt things like what to do in case your air tank ran out of air, and more buoyancy control practice. halfway through i swallowed a bunch of seawater plus i had too much milo for breakfast so i felt like vomiting hahaha. 

So after soon yik and i completed our routine, the instructor told us to get onshore to start packing in case we miss the ferry. 
me with my dive buddy!  

the rest finished up and came back too. then we all packed and got ready to go home :((((

a few final shots:

ze kai doing some weird posing. 
bye burger dive team! thanks for all the help, patience, and fun!

turned out the ferry was so crowded we had to wait for another one. 
lots and lots and lots of fish. 
till next time! 

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