Aug 7, 2015

Ho Chi Minh - L'USINE, Le Loi

I'm back from Siem Reap and I guess it's high time (as good as any) to resume writing about my trip to Ho Chi Minh back in.... 2014. Eh, that's not tooo bad.

Today I shall write about cool kid on the block, L'USINE. 

After a few days of trudging through dirt and sand and dust and sweat, we were craving some  sort of refuge in the form of.. hipster cafes. HAHA.   
Meaning 'factory' in English, L'usine is one self-assuredly cool cafe-art gallery-home decor-fashion boutique space in Ho Chi Minh. Apparently they have another outlet in Dong Khoi that used to be a factory in the 1800s, but we only had time to visit the outlet on Le Loi street after it was newly renovated.

On the ground floor, the shop stocks items from Happy Socks, Peter Jensen, Rains (their beautiful raincoats!), rifle paper co (!!!), comme des garcons, Mr Simple, as well as edgy (think reclaimed hardwood and cast iron) home furnishings and light fixtures from home-grown brand District Eight. 

Spot their glowing sign from the busy tree-lined (hahah which street in HCM isn't tree-lined) street of Le Loi. We'd basically passed by this cafe on our way to the post office and cathedral during the day. 

On the second floor! 

Siau Li reading the news about MH17.
We had a BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato), and then apple crumble for dessert, plus a pretty good cup of coffee. To be honest, i couldn't remember much about the place any more. HAHA but i was happy with my food lah. and they have lots of good magazines. 

Would definitely go back again if i were to visit HCM. And maybe bring a bit more dong so i can afford the supercool stuff. 

70B Le Loi Street, D1, HCMC, Vietnam
Daily, 7.30am-10.30pm. 

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