May 6, 2015

Tioman - Bagus Place Retreat

sometime around late last year, i had the amazing blessing of doing one of my favorite stories thus far. will post the link here when it's uploaded but in the meantime you can purchase the 2015/16 copy of Time Out Malaysia Visitor's Guide.

i was hosted by Bagus Place Retreat, a beautiful little resort located off a secluded cove in Tioman. plus, it's super private with nine chalets in the whole place.

here's what i mostly did during my free time:
1 mini lego dude photoshoot on the balcony. this was taken on the railing with waves crashing away below. trees swaying gently with the breeze. the whole works. 
2 clambering onto giant rocks and then taking stalker-artistic-type shots of the really cute family that's also staying there the same time i did. 
3 admiring the limestone cliffs of the island from a hammock on the pier. legend has it that those limestone outcrops make up the backbone of the resting dragon princess that's so enthralled by the beauty of Tioman that she just lay down here to sleep. till today.
4 more photo-taking from the giant rock. hope this gives you an idea of the paradise. that's where everyone at Bagus Place hangs out at night. they have an honest bar policy where you can make your own cocktails and stuff and just pay up when you check out. if you're not too confident (like me) of your bartending abilities, the friendly staff there will help you out. they are good at it. 
5 more stalkerish-artsy shots.
6 AND READ. Bagus Place has two really nice second hand book sections, and i basically zoomed right in on my first day and checked out their titles. i may or may not have finished rereading Brisingr during my stay.
7 more reading.

after reading Gravity by Tess Gerritsen, i have to say this is one writer that can creep the hell out of you.
8 where i do most of my reading. that purple towel was hung out to dry after a snorkelling session.
9 also sketched a bit. there's something therapeutic about sketching when travelling.
10 hahahah just bought my gold casio watch.
11 this is grace koh's birthday present to me (i think i used like half of her book vouchers hahah)! so i lugged this book along for the trip :D
12 and sunned myself on the rock while the sun sets. afterwards, you can watch the blazing stars from here too. if there's one nitpick about Bagus Place, it's the beach. as you can see there are lots of reefy parts here so you can't exactly stomp everywhere. but yeah. that's basically my only nit to pick.

on my final night, we had a mini darts competition with the staff and a bunch of Japanese expats who were there for the weekend. also spotted a mini black and white sea snake snaking its way into the rocks.

a huge fat thank you to Rosie and her wonderful team for my stay. truly enjoyed myself.

(to know more about Bagus Place, please pick up a copy of the 2015/16 Time Out Malaysia Visitor's Guide hahahaha)

anyway i had to check out really early in the morning to catch the morning ferry for the bus back to kl.  the ferry situation's kinda messed up (lots of prebooking required, and the tide is serious business), so i arrived in Mersing at 9am but the bus won't be departing till 12noon.


so i do what i always do. jalan-jalan lah.

(the last time i visited tioman during my inti days, we had kfc at Mersing then drove home)

i've always chalked Mersing up as a good-for-nothing-except-for-tioman-gateway town, but Malaysia has its beautiful spots everywhere you go lah.

case in point:
beautiful work on the walls! 
"last time the opposite new street don't have one. now is all new buildings. block my view. ya i sell things here for many years. me and my wife, we have been here for long long time."
made my way back to the really cute bus station (it's a five minute walk from Mersing town centre but seriously try not to venture it in the scorching hot sun)


here's a mini series on buses in Mersing:

ok that's all. [inserts abrupt ending] haha. 

this lego man basically reflects my mood lah. i wanna goooo backkk againnnn!

haha goodnight guys.

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  1. Bagusnya. Write more leh, I want read. Dun be lazy.