May 12, 2015

Quarter Life Crisis

I woke up on an especially depressing Monday, all groggy and cross-eyed. (it may have been due to me waking up late and getting out the door within seven minutes of waking up)

so ... yeah. work has been weirdly depressing lately. 

what's going on? i'm doing what i've always wanted to, i'm supposed to have fun at it, i'm supposed to be super fulfilled. 

but somehow, it's just... haih. 

(maybe i'm just being discontent and impatient)

there's room for improvement. there always is. 


while i keep myself positive with mini pep talks (which don't really work, because my inner discontent is this loud trumpeting elephant), i'm thankful that Enthel shared this. 


If you're immensely dissatisfied and unreasonably angry at work, please watch this. 
If you're kinda sorta disappointed with life, please watch this. 
If you're not quite sure what you're doing, at this time, at this place, please watch this. 
If you're facing a quarter life crisis, please watch this. 

He made SO MANY valid sucker punch points here, it hurt. 

It's a long watch, to be sure, but please do, and then think about it. 

It's good investment, anyway. 

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