May 5, 2015

Day 5 : HCM again! And then some disappointment

Commencing my Vietnam travel log! To refresh your memory (and mine), here's where i left off: we came back from Mui Ne with its amazing sand dunes, and with a day left in the city, here's what we did. Maybe it's a waste la but we basically just wandered around the city. 


We checked into Hotel Duc Vuong again. The hotel was undergoing renovations so they gave us the honeymoon suite. Jeng jeng:

siauli taking advantage of the hotel wifi and also waiting for me to be done so we can go grab lunch. 

*view from the room!*
nah. ho chi minh. 
more spying on rooftops. 
(i'm getting lazy. just typing in useless captions)

so i finally got ready and we went for lunch. again at the pretty good noodle place by the hotel. we ordered something different this time! 
this is bun cha (pork roll, beef roll, fried beef, crab patty, shrimp, with vermicelli noodles)
couldn't remember this. must be some chicken ball soup. and like most meals in the city, it comes with plenty of greens and fresh lime to squeeze over the whole thing. 
selfies before food arrives. 

so after lunch, we tried to hail a cab, but it began to drizzle. so this dude on a cyclo (Vietnam's version of tuk-tuks, but on bicycles) came up to us and told us that Chinatown is definitely doable on a cyclo, and charged us a rather hefty price. the dude looked really old and vulnerable and said he needed business for the day, so i wanted to give in. haha but then again, it was drizzling so who in their right mind would wanna get on an open-air bike in the rain? 

luckily the staff at Duc Vuong saw us being all uncertain and came out to rescue us and send us into the safety of a cab. Then the cyclo guy became all abusive and loud and scolded us in Vietnamese. And the staff told us, "cyclo no good, he cheat." (haha something along those lines lah)

so in the relative comfort and safety of a cab (it's rather cheap), we arrived at Chinatown. 
the cab's interiors. the cabbie also told us about how Malaysian tourists usually like to visit the Mekong river for one day trips. too late lah, it's our last day in Vietnam. 

and this is the Chinatown market!

(purchase of vermicelli rice rolls)

this is where sl got really extra angry with the Vietnamese sellers. maybe they're out to get an extra buck, maybe they genuinely don't understand what we want. but either way, it kinda left an unpleasant aftertaste to the trip. 
animal-shaped breads sold by the road.

anyway, at the end our mood was kinda spoiled by certain experiences with the vendors so we didn't have the mood to walk around Chinatown any longer. hailed a cab and headed back into town. 

some shots of the city from the cab. 
afterwork hangouts

hahahahahha. of all things, we went to a mall. found this! 
so Oggy is a rather big thing in Vietnam. Guess because Oggy is a French cartoon afterall.

wandered around the mall, found this! SL says French Baguette is like super mega popular in Singapore with long long long queues snaking out the door. But the French Baguette in HCM is kinda..empty. haha so we headed in lo.
got cake, pudding, egg tart.
that yellow thing might have been honey. i've already forgotten.

lots and lots of postcard-writing to catch up on.

walked back after that... it's better to walk instead of taking cabs and risking cyclo drivers and whatnot. HCM is basically built for walking.

(this taka plaza has some pretty cheap goods. too bad we found it too late and the stalls are all closing up danggggg)

sigh sorry this is such an half-assed post. possibly because it's a half-assed day.

there is just one too many times where the locals would overcharge us if possible. it's disheartening, and even if i'm willing to let it go, it just happened too often to let it pass. it's tiring to be constantly second-guessing people and counting every cent and then wringing change from the people who then pretend to not understand you.

damnit i just want to travel without feeling like an ugly person.

perhaps we shouldn't have allowed the way they treated us to affect the ending of the trip, but somehow the day itself felt like a waste to me. maybe i'll think differently next time. if there's a next time.

after hanging around the mall, we went shopping for some touristy pants (touristy, yet but super comfortable and lasted till today hehe) that grace wanted. if you wanna do some touristy shopping, Saigon Square's pretty good.

sigh. this trip was... two years ago? there's just a couple more posts left. bear with me.

work has been crazy. ok time to sleep. bye.

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