Jan 29, 2015


"do you blog?"

"yea i do. i mean, i used to. but then work got too much so i sort of put it on hold."

"you should continue, you know."


"i mean, it's for your personal branding, and how you get your name out."

of course i got what she meant.

yesterday, i had the above conversation with a restaurant manager, and it got me thinking.

of course i'm aware i hadn't written anything here for three months. i even thought about letting the dust settle for real, leaving harryandmerry.blogspot.com as a relic of my past life.

*inserts deeeep bow to bloggers with full-time jobs*

so. it's been a super busy and fulfilling end of 2014, and as the first month 2015 draws to an end, here's a teensy update lah!

these pics are all pics of my shoes (or feet) during my travels. taking photos with the camera facing downwards is one of my favorite shots (probably plenty of others), but there is something about taking photos this way.

looking back at these pics, somehow i can remember how my feet felt during that time, the bustle of a coffee shop or the sand and waves running through my toes.

this is a tiny mountain stream in Cameron Highlands, accessed from Terra Tree House. apologies for my super tanned feet! we had to hike through a kinda unclear mountain path to get to the waterfall, and i didn't bring a pair of slippers. so i hiked the path barefooted. heheheheheh.
also at Terra Tree House!

this is taken from our tree house, some hundred feet above ground. wearing super comfy pants from Vietnam for pajama bottoms. this shot was taken after i woke up, enjoying the scenery over the valley.
taken at another tree house. this one is built higher above ground!


i had a lovely 2014. lots of travelling. lots of learning. lots of growing. lots of friendships.


so much fun, until i couldn't find the time to update the blog. hahaha.

just to make things clear, i'm not blogging to 'build my image' or 'get my name out'. 

but i've decided to keep this going. writing gave me a reason to go out and take random photos, talk to people, post my 'artistic' shots that weren't useful to anyone else for tagging in facebook, and as a diary of what happened during my travels.

so yeah. a few more posts on vietnam to go! and tioman! and terra tree house! and lots of introspection! 

ok lah. time to sleep. need my eight hours of sleep for work. bye guys.