Sep 9, 2014

Kelly's farewell getaway - Kin Tick Orchard Village

we're females. we are masters at multi-tasking. 

i went for a weekend getaway with this bunch of girls in august. over the very limited span of two days and one night, we managed to cram in a birthday celebration for peggy and a farewell for kelly over three different locations.  

haih. what to do. after graduation and everyone getting jobs and some with studies and giant conflicting schedules, we take what we can lah. 

kelly's returning to the UK to take her bar *wipes tears* so this is technically a farewell trip for her.
but let's kick off the trip with a birthday celebration for peggy at Nutmeg, Bangsar! five of us ordered the salmon gravlax-wich (YUMS) while mai mai had the big breakfast (also YUMS. she approves).

(haven't blogged about them in awhile. from right: naimo, fishyi, peggy, mai mai, kelly, and me!)

it being a saturday morning, the bangsar brunch crowd is out in full force (tables spilling out into the mall walkway) but in a stroke of extreme good luck we managed to get a table at the 'courtyard' section once we arrived! didn't even need to queue :'D
i smuggled these long wonky candles in and we got the slice of cake while peggy's distracted.
one good thing about tall candles. they can burn for really a long while.  
spot the tiny candle stumps! 

after a very satisfying brunch, we headed straight into ZARA and spent quuuite some time there. 

kelly is all, "we should have just had a shopping getaway la!"

finally we left the clutches of ZARA and began the trip! 

since this was a rather last minute plan, and all the awesome places (the shorea, dusun, awanmulan) were fully booked, we were about to give up the trip altogether. then i found out about this place called Kin Tick Orchard Village in bentong!

check in time at Kin Tick is 3pm. however, we (me, naimo, mai mai) snuck into Ted Baker to shop for awhile more, and the traffic turned out horrendous, plus we took the wrong route and ended up halfway to fraser's hill. 

the others arrived thirty minutes earlier so they lolled around in the room and when we arrived, came to pick us up from the lobby :D

here's a photo of the room (from kelly's camera). it's a stone house, which means the temperature is cooler, i guess, and we booked a room with two queen size beds plus two single mattresses for six of us. lots of space!

decided to explore the pool!  
jeng jeng jeng. very picturesque place. seems newly built, and really clean too. 
 these two didn't want to swim. while the rest of us had fun on the water slides and swimming 'laps' and getting free 'massages' from the artificial waterfall.

while naimo and mai mai went back to shower, we hung out at the pool for a bit more, trying out the swings and taking very ugly photos. 
kin tick is an orchard, but somehow we were more interested in lazing around, drinking wine, eating chips, talking, rather than doing all the activities on offer. apparently there's an orchard trek and a mini waterfall you can visit. durians weren't free :( 

the food provided (buffet-style) is pretty good. lots of families staying there (we were the only bunch of youngsters), a muslim family opted for vegetarian food instead, and the staff barbequed reallly good chicken wings for us. there's also a huge karaoke screen in the dining hall. i couldn't recognize any of the new songs (#feelingold). 

the next day, our plans to wake up and jog in the morning fog failed. we expected kin tick to be really cool and refreshing like cameron highlands, but not really. i reckon the temperature's about the same as kl. 

packed up, had a last group photo! 
when someone posted this photo to facebook, liko took the time to pm me and exclaim that "Y U LOOK SO DARK" compared to my friends. sigh. actually, i didn't notice until he told me. got meh? 

aiyo, ho chi minh sun is no joke. 
 kelly tan's luggage for two days and one night. 
really like peggy's electric blue top! so flowy and comfy. mai mai's doing the checking out honors. 
loading our stuff on the truck.  
 kelly's posing here. after the photo she jumped down and went into the air-conditioned car. 
 while we stuck it out on the back of the truck heheheheh.
 off we go! 
the 'river' we're supposed to cross on the four wheel drive.
fuah. we didn't go to bentong town for any good food. instead kelly had more shopping cravings so we headed to midvalley for sushi zanmai lunch then more shopping. 

weird trip. but fun! 

on the way home, suddenly naimo said, "wah, can't believe we have known each other for ten years!"

ten years? 


it didn't seem that long ago, that we were runty 13-year-olds all staying in the same dorm and having cup noodles all the time and pranking other floormates and fighting sometimes and cleaning the hostel toilet and smuggling food into the hostel and getting top marks for room cleanliness and taking the bus to secret recipe after exams to treat ourselves to cake and wondering where we'd be ten years later, to successfully moving out of the hostel in our final year and living together in a rented house. 

wow. ten years doesn't seem like such a long time after all. here's to more weird trips!

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