Aug 6, 2014

Little Meatball: Javen & Mid-Autumn

tonight, i did the digital equivalent of flipping through old photo albums and found these photos. can't believe the fat squishy Javen a year ago is now this slim meatball already :( 
we got lots of weird mooncakes from work (beetroot!), so i bought some home.  

after dinner, the must-do activity is to bring out the chainese tea, eat mooncake and watch Javen roll around hahaha. he kept touching the hot teapot with his tiny index finger and going, 'OOH!'.

bro says the salted peanut butter mooncake has to be the weirdest mooncake he has ever tried in his life. if Him Heang decided to create a tau sar pneah mooncake, this is it. (actually i kinda like it lor! what bad taste i have)
'wa Javen look at that butterfly lantern!'
so Javen will be celebrating his second zhong qiu jie very soon! maybe we can bring him on a lantern-toting stroll around the neighbourhood and he can burn something down.

basically the point of this post is to lament that fact that he used to be so FAT AND SQUISHY! like a ball. like a tiny meatball. time flies lah. can't wait for midautumn to come so we can sip on tea (i tell you i'm turning into a tea person) and munch on mooncakes!

hope you guys will have a great midautumn too! HAZE PLEASE GO AWAY PLEASE.


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