Aug 8, 2014

Monsoon in Saigon

Damansara Performing Arts Centre, 2013 
i don't think i've ever given #TSBreakAway proper justice in my blog posts. but it's basically one of my best decisions in 2013.

on the final day of the five-day whirlwind programme, we had a photography workshop in DPAC conducted by Ashraf, editor of Fotografika. as a challenge, we were given two hours to wander around DPAC and shoot five images. after i took loads of photos, it began to rain. so me being lazy decided to head back in the meeting room to take a break.

why would anyone want to shoot in the rain and risk the camera? 
when i entered the room of blessedly cool air conditioning, RAW was going out with his camera. he asked me what am i doing in the room. i asked him what is he doing heading out there. 

he simply replied, "it's raining. the reflections will be beautiful."


lightbulb moment indeed. 


july isn't exactly the best month to visit vietnam, since the monsoon season is in full swing. but on the plus side, you get to see different facets of the place! 
ho chi minh is a neon-lit city.    

what if the camera gets wet? 

"send it to service center lah."

best advice ever. 

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