Jul 3, 2014

Why I Love Terengganu

Currently it's almost one in the morning and I'm sitting here bug eyed waiting for fat files to finish uploading so I can go to sleep. Instead of staring at the slow moving load bar, I can come and put something on the blog. 

Let's see. What happened in the two months I was away? I went to camp at Sungai Siput! We got to swim in the river. I had pretty great birthday celebrations. I went to work. I pondered on the effects technology is having on us all. I suffered from great bouts of FOMO. I struggled with urges to share everything on the Internet so others won't miss out on my great life. My camera broke down. I sent it for repair. I got it back today!

Alright. Enough about myself. No promises but I'll try to hash out my thoughts and write something here soon? 

So. Here are more beautiful photos of Terengganu that I uploaded to blogger and left them to languish in Drafts for many months. 

I think Terengganu's becoming my favorite state in Malaysia! 

Here are the reasons:
1. It's very blue.
2. It's photogenic. This is a piece of photogenic driftwood.
3. It's VERY, VERY BLUE. See? It's like a painter dumped all his 'pots of blue and green' and got this.
4. There's plenty of diving! and turtles! and giant fishes!
5. It's very photographable. These are just fleshy leaves on a tree by the beach.
6. You can sit on the floury sand all day long, staring at the BLUENESS of it all. 
7. Their Chinatown is small. BUT PRETTY. check out their alleys! i'll post a series on this soon.
8. It's so colourful lah! They have mini pineapples. They win.

HAHAHA. I hope you enjoyed my little fuel of wanderlust. Currently, I'm just very in love with my camera since words have been failing me. Or my self confidence is failing me. Either way, having the camera off to the service center for a week has left me a nervous wreck. So incredibly grateful to have it back today! I'm going to bring it to Singapore this weekend! There's so much stuff happening that I just couldn't sit down and write when the time could be spent catching up on sleep.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I'm officially 23!

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