Jul 19, 2014

How's your weekend?

before you tell me about yours, here's how mine went:
it's a lovely saturday! first we had an extra-early worship practice session for team B at 7:30am due to scheduling conflicts. i woke up at 6:30am, super grumpy and sleepy (was up doing last minute travel research!) but at the end, i think morning practices are pretty awesome! for one thing you get some extra time to practice scales and stretching notes which i didn't get to for yeeears. my fingers hate me now.

then we had dimsum teeheehee. (grace and i agree unanimously that perfect days should always include dimsum somewhere in the itinerary)

then lepaked at bit at sunway pyramid admiring nikes (i have a hunch those r&d guys at nike are having fun experimenting with all the weird new materials and textures but seriously those hideous flyknit sock-shoes thing are never gonna work, design-wise) and looking for a new book to bring on the trip. 

then headed to grand dorsett hotel to catch the end of the INTI-UH convocation! all the best in your future yo, first class honours or not. you guys will do well! 

then meeting with the wonderful moses committees for the upcoming moses challenge/run!

then youth. izumi is doing great as song lead now. and captainball! and banana birthday cake for takashiiii. 

then klang service. serious haze at kesas as usual. 

then home. now packing furiously. 

then off to saigon at 3am! 

i feel kinda guilty for going off to ho chi minh so soon after getting back from singapore, but uh, blame it on the heady booking clicks that only airasia can induce. and we're seriously unprepared for this trip. i'm slightly worried. 

my personal aims: 1. drink all the coffee! 2. eat all the street food! 

ok i'm sacrificing precious sleep time to give you guys an idea of what i do during my saturdays, but i'm extra happy on this one because of the dim sum (and early worship, of course!). and this post is also meant to explain my absence to the internet. 


Tham Bee-It! (wikitravel says this means bye in vietnamese!)

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