May 11, 2014

a look at the colourful boat toilets of terengganu

have you ever tried to find out the origins of a name? rumor has it that 'terengganu' came from a bunch of explorers who found a huge fang (taring) and asked the locals what kind of animal did it come from. no one knew so they said "taring anu", which means something like 'whatever animal'. HAHA. so the story goes. 

i visited terengganu last month on a seven-day squid jigging trip. 

'jigging' brings up all sorts of unpleasant mental imagery. basically, you use a sort of jig to fish for squids. 

these photos were taken on the second trip outta sea to mencandat sotong! 

there are groups of five for each boat, as well as a marshall to count the squids you jigged. 

all the other groups were dawdling and since my group only had two members, we had plenty of time left for 'headcounts' and ..... nothing. 

lots of waiting ensued. luckily terengganu is such a photogenic state. 
these boats are all so colourful, it just makes me smile! and squint. 
and there's only so many self portraits you can take without getting bored. 
that's when i noticed that most of the boats had rather interestingly designed wash rooms, if you could call them that. boat outhouses? 
close up. that's a wicker door! 

there weren't any toilets in my boat's immediate neighbourhood, but then i noticed nicer toilets opposite. look at those pastel colors :D
so i asked my marshall for permission hehehe and hopped aboard other boats for a closer look. 
this is the toilet of my boat. very utilitarian and clinic colours.
my michelin shadow on the way to the other boats. 
ta-dah! painted a bold fire engine red, this is for those sos keropok lekor overdoses. 
whoever came up with these colour combinations must be a happy person. 
rickety detailing on the door to provide some privacy. 
those outhouses are open to the elements, so here's an instagram-like view from the top: a pail of water to... er.. flush, F&N bottle reused, a hole.  "ambil gambar? boleh!"


"ambil gambar tandas? rumah kau tak de tandas ke?"




"amoi ini mau ambil gambar tandas!"

A moderately attractive orange 'n lime green wash room to provide to your every need. 
faded pastels lend an industrial air to these reclaimed exposed wooden planks. 
nails bleeding rust in another lime green outhouse. lime green's pretty popular, huh? 
swivelling chunk of wood acts as an effective lock.  
so i guess this is the view of an extra tall person minding his business. 

by this time, the other participants were swarming their boats and my team-mate gestured at me to hurry up and get back. So ladies and gents, there goes our very short tour of the creativity people can come up with if you give them enough pots of paint. 

I clambered back quickly and here we go! 

a last-ditch effort at zooming in and taking a shot of that pastel toilet HAHA. seriously that's cerulean blue, pale peach, light pink, grey, light blue, black, and turqoisey shades on a freaking boat toilet! 

the ones i remember from my childhood trips consist of ugly grey boards and huge blue buckets. there's no such happy colours and detailed wicker doors. i hope this explains my excitement and admiration. hehe. 

it was an insanely choppy ride, so i took that time to explore my camera settings instead of focusing on seasickness. 
woots! instant filters. 
here's a view of the sunset as we rock to and fro, clutching the camera with an ultra seasick frown on my face. it's pretty peaceful except for the real-life five-hour pirate ship ride. 

captain says that this is considered normal for them though. :(

taring anu's really beautiful. many thanks to the terengganu tourism board, mencandat sotong peeps, new friends and old friends for making the trip such a fun one, and my boss for giving me the chance to jig for squids! took so many photos and i finally got a slight hang of the ISO, shutter speed thingies heehee. 

no promises but hey, i'll probably write more about terengganu. sometime in the far future. heh. 

it's Monday tomorrow! i'm writing this just so i can hang on till 9pm then go to sleep until it's time to wake up at 6am for the traaaaain! 

that's it folks. goodnight! 


  1. Seriously fantastic photographs! Amazing colours - and humorous narrative! :D Please keep blogging! :D

    1. Hi Ismail! Thanks for the encouragement! i will :D