Apr 18, 2014

Karpal Singh这个老人家,已经七十多岁了,胡须都白了,坐轮椅,可以享清福了,可是还在为国家出力,还要对付那些家伙”- Mom.

(from malaysiakini.com)
Ever since I could remember anything about the state of our nation, Karpal Singh’s name has come up yet and again. Growing up, my parents speak of him with pride.

When I could read the papers and decide for myself; me too, felt immense pride and gratitude for this tireless beacon of light in Malaysia’s political desolation.

What can I say?

When cynics slam fairy tales as bullshit and good will never win over bad and heroes are all flawed, all I can say is, at least there is one true legend in Malaysia’s story.

Because of him, I’m proud to say that I’m Malaysian.

One of my most vivid memories of him was a piece in the paper about some ministers ridiculing him for going into the Parliament in his wheelchair. This just showed what kind of sickening low life he is up against, and what indomitable spirit he possessed.

I’m not going to waste precious space here writing about those truly third (fourth!) world mentality ministers he fought against, and hope that people ignore the scumbags who disrespect this great man’s passing. Don’t share those horrifying statements from spotlight-hungry-unprofessional ‘leaders’ of the country already.

He passed away due to a car accident. 

At 1am in the morning. 

For a court case the next day at Ipoh. 

He’s 74 years old. 

Can you imagine his workload?

(from dinmerican.wordpress.com)

The tears just can't stop, reading all those tributes and works of his lifetime, and even the insults. 

Yes, he leaves behind Malaysians. 

What a man. What a great man.

Karpal Singh is the greatest hero of this generation. Thank you. I hope school children can learn about you in their future textbooks. 

Rest in peace, sir. May your legacy live long and prosper.