Mar 27, 2014

pause and rewind: a trip to the beach!

'literal translation'

'not me'

'three girls'

'the art of slimmer legs'

'party time' 

'hong kong tourist with superman delusions'

'three girls II'

'flotation device close-up'

'megagigablastic foot-long sea cucumber'

also known as

'the thing that freaked us out'

also known as

'the thing that poor liz unknowingly carried on her back'

'sunburn in process'


'sunblock selfies'

'three girls' shadows and some feet'

'hong kong tourist mimicry'

'prepare for takeoff'

'compulsory jetty closeup'

also known as 

'the sky isn't blue enough'

'whee hee'

'sien han's abs & friends'


'truck tracks in sand'


'hoiiiii yak!'

'from left: quidditch. owl. perfect 10. almost there'

'mom's not home!'

'toes and has-been waves'

'whee ha'
'high jump'

'bomb's away'

'incredibly reflective shades and coconut fronds'

'the definition of holiday
floury sand-encrusted toes, blue blue skies, coconut trees & a pending beach volleyball match'

'opens fist. closes fist.'

'my dream job'

'singlet uses 101: headgear'

'shades reflection part II'

'heng dai ji mui'

'too excited with a gopro - the bread that was left behind'

'heng dai ji muis part II'

'red tropical flower that smells really good'

also known as 

'google couldn't give an answer'

update: it's a rangoon creeper! it has a really nice scent and it feels good when you pass those blooms to enter our rooms :D 


'the art of slimmer legs II'

'the ocean is full of gorgeous things'

also known as

'not supposed to put this online due to conservation reasons'


ah. what a beautiful trip. 

for the uninitiated, there's perhentian besar (the one for old people) and perhentian kecil (where all the young good looking foreigners party on the beach and french dudes somersault off the jetty during sunset). 

we stayed on perhentian besar. which was alright. 

at least we got to play monopoly the board game all night long. 

perhentian kecil seemed really happening and crowded (read: polluted) in the Coco Bay side,

BUT the Long Beach side of the island is really good looking in the day. all fat waves & listerine waters. 

in conclusion, i'd like to visit Long Beach again, but in all probability, sign me up for future Redang trips! it's all cleaned up now!  

also, it's time to get a diving license. 

serious good fun to meet up with former team mates to grouse about sunburns, back off from giant eels, pee in the sea, sing songs in the roller-coaster boat, and discuss deep questions about life and MH370. Out of the twelve of us, five had graduated and entered the workforce (except for sing han who might go for his masters) and the other seven are in their final semesters. 

we actually dragged them out for a trip in the middle of a semester. hahahah sorry guys. 

also. this trip couldn't have come at a better timing than this!
we managed to escape the eye-watering haze and water rationing for three full days! 


my canon 100D died on the second day (cause i didn't think to bring battery charger i know i know LESSON LEARNT GUYS) so the pictures end here. 

Other activities include trying ice cream pulut at the jetty (it's colorful and full of stuff like bits of bread, jelly, cendol, red beans, etc), a belated and rather fail birthday celebration for the March babies (nian fong, sing han and ah heng) in the airport KFC, nasi kukus in Kota Bahru, tried steamed keropok lekor for the first time (it looks absolutely disgusting but essentially it's fish paste rolled in sea cucumber shape. it's very fresh and heavy! unlike the empty puffy ones we get in kl. seems quite suitable to throw in steamboats), and a tour around the changes happening in INTI.

hope this annual VISIT ALL THE BEACHES thing keeps up. we still have a lot of islands to go


  1. Joyce!!!



    Nice photos and bunch of people, btw :D

    1. Hey Khai,

      :( i didn't think that i would take that much photos HAHAHAH lame reason right :(

      thanks for the compliments heh. we need another trip together!