Jan 27, 2014

The February Issue

Look! This TimeOut KL is seriously going strength by strength; the February issue might be my most favorite yet. Apart from the glittery cover, feature 35 Reasons Why We Love KL is more loaded than I expected :D go get one and read for yourself! you'll know what I mean; full of double edged swords hehe. 
Also: on the last page is Model Citizen; an interview with a 66 year old security guard.
One of the best model citizen reads in a loooong while. A bittersweet glimpse into the life of another KL-ite, especially a security guard, whom most of us usually ignore or give a cursory smile on a daily basis. Security guards are so rooted into the landscape, they're usually a reminder of our country's decay and crime rates. Me for one, usually spares my neighbourhood's security guards a daily "power of the hand" wave. 

Most of the time, I don't even think about them as a fellow human being. If I do, I forget about it; being more concerned for my own matters. 

The foreigner security guards in my housing area were a bunch of responsible dudes. (Pre-Ops Cantas era), they would don bright yellow wellingtons and ponchos, standing in the soggy rain to open and close the gate for us residents, always with a smile, always with a wave. 

They have their dreams, their fears, their hopes. They're humans too. 

Which is why this interview is such a meaningful read for this terribly selfish reader. Deceptively simple, yet an eye-opener (or reminder). 

Mr. Sabani bin Sabari, thank you for telling us your story.  

Well done, guys :) 

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