Jan 21, 2014

The boy and his bin

Work updates!

After the daily nearly-two-hour-soul-sucking commute, I’ll have to take an eight-minute (according to google maps’ calculations hehehe) walk from the train station to the office building. 

During the walk, it’s great to feel the breeze and absorb some subdued morning sunlight. 
Yet, at the same time, I would also be inwardly frowning at the high-rise condominiums and flashy cars, thinking about the super rich’s non-existent commutes and how I could never afford that, and bad thoughts about the economy in general. 

Despite gratitude resolutions for the year, I enter default cranky mode like that.

Lately, I’ve taken to working during public holidays or certain weekend mornings. For one the streets were clear and quiet, and most importantly, I get a seat on the train. It’s like someone threw a peaceful blanket over everything.

So one fine public holiday morning, I dragged myself up and went to work.

When I came to the short walk bit, it was 8am, the streets were practically empty (usually it’s full of the depressing workforce), the trees seem greener than usual, and the air is clear (no high-rise construction work going on yet).

So far, so good.  

At the entrance of one atas condominium, I spotted an olive green wheelie bin scuttling along by itself. 

I took a closer look.

A little boy, barely taller than the bin, was pushing it. 

With some effort, he propelled the bin here and there; then peeping to the side of the bin to ask his dad for directions.

Dressed in a faded baggy shirt, his dad trailed behind, dragging a broom and checking his phone.

The dad gave me a side eye as I passed.

 It was a very short exchange. I just smiled and continued towards the office.

But the endearing sight of a little boy helping his street cleaner dad, on a public holiday (!) was pretty much a slap in my face. It was already 8am and they seem to be done with the cleaning of the day. 

I wonder what time they woke up. 

Don’t lah get caught up in all the first world problems, Joyce Koh. 

gorgeous time lapse photo stack by Matt Molloy. this is how my mornings feel like, but with less pink. 

Speaking of waking up, watch this!

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