Dec 30, 2013

LEGO THE MOVIE & a very short post for December

while fingers are crossed for The Desolation of Smaug, here's a LEGO movie trailer to confuse us all. 
Pretty cute though. the characters move like how i imagined them to be. 



Seems like a Wreck-It Ralph rehash with LEGO characters instead of arcade citizens.

Should be good to reminisce about the good ol' days. LEGO has managed to make itself relevant again; probably this movie will get more kids clamoring for LEGO action figures and increase chances of kids writing a letter to Santa for a LEGO set. For more context, read this

Please don't buy Ipad minis for your three year olds T.T little kids should grow strong bones and muscles and run around; not sit on sofas exercising their fingers! 

(btw my article on this is out in the newest TimeOut Malaysia Kids' Guide! heehee. So i feel really strongly about this issue.) 

Just wanna post this LEGO trailer lah. watch and lemme know what you think! 

December's an extremely busy month, and i cringe to realize that this is the first post for December. haih sorry my non-existent readers. no promises but i think i'll start working on the HYPERDELAYEDBACKLOGGEDISHMENT as soon as i scrape some free time. heh. 

in the meantime, go here for some incredible GIFs courtesy of sukkie's note 3. while i slog hard over Photoshop settings for gifs, the note 3 creates gifs like producing earwax (without thinking). And the gifs are of completely random but funny moments! go read go read. 

(i'm having fun with the CANON 100D! all thanks to #TSBreakAway, the zombies and kids, and Vig the judge! MORE ON THAT. I PROMISE. I SWEAR.)

loads of love but gotta run,  


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  1. Nice trailer! I am so definitely gonna watch it! :D