Dec 30, 2013

SCKLM 2013

Overdue post: One fine morning, I overslept. So Eunice drove really fast to send me to the ktm station. As we were approaching, the train pulled in the station. She went all, “Go! Go! Run for the train!” 

But I refused. "NOOO."

Hahaha. Turns out I’m right. As I got out of the car my legs ACHED with a vengeance. Then I slowly limped to the till, hobbled up the overhead bridge, found a bench, creaaaked then sat down gingerly. 

The train already left. 

To what I have to thank for this pain?

Standard Chartered Marathon Kuala Lumpur, 2013.  

With more than 33,000 participants, apparently it’s the largest marathon in Malaysia. I registered for SCKLM wayyy back in my high-fitness-level, stress-free, work-free, plenty-of-time-for-pursuits-like-volleyball-and-jogging days.

Then came work.

And days full of ktm-standing, combined with zero exercising. 

I leave home at the crack of dawn (7am) and reach home around 7:30pm when the sun is setting.

Things to do when I get home:  
1.     take a good clean shower
2.     have dinner
3.     watch fat Javen’s newest antics for the day
4.     go to sleep


Then somehow I managed to hurt my lower back; so no sit ups for you, my friend.  

Then right foot hurts like hell in a certain angle/when I walk too much; so no jogging, my friend.

Doctor says it’s my spine problem. First world problem.

It’s all old and crackly bones lah.

Enough of complaining.

So basically all of these wonderful reasons contributed to me refusing to go for the run, even celebrating when it got postponed due to the horrible haze. hehehe

Until Grace Koh got all mad and went “WE ALREADY PAID LAH LETS GOOOOO!”

(technically it’s dad who paid for her registration. meh.)

After Liz promised to walk with me, I decided to go two days before the race.

I can’t think of a more wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning.

Being sleep-deprived for the whole week, rushing for deadlines, working on eelin’s birthday decorations, and then attending the actual party the night before, I dragged my sorry ass off the bed at 5:30am.

We were late.

Our category is supposed to start at 6:30am.

Got on the lrt at 6:15am, reached Masjid Jamek around 6:35am, ran to the starting point, (drummers were setting up and Lynas petitioners asked us for signatures), Grace said bye and powered on forward, and by the time I actually passed the starting point, it was already 6:55am.

Babi Liz Yap left without me.

And she ignored my phone calls.

So began 10 kilometers worth of self-encouragement and self-bargaining.

“here comes the dude with the kling-klang bag again….

…I will try to overtake that orange power-walking girl…

…oh no she managed to overtake me again….

….I will overtake that hot pink power-walking girl then….

…’s kl sentral! let’s run to the train station and go home…

…..shit the car keys are with grace….

…..don’t judge my thighs….

why would couples hold hands to run?

...... look at that group of runners who headed into the mamak hahaha….”

etc etc etc.

Mostly it's a lot of bargaining with myself, fighting the temptation to hop on the lrt and go home.

I changed my mind when I saw the 4km signage. "yes i think i can do this." 

Well, singing to myself helps too.

KL is actually a very beautiful city to run in!

The weather is nice; most of it is downhill and flat terrain. After alternating running and walking for awhile, I walked for a very very very very long time.

When I decided that it’s time to start running again, it’s time for the Bird Park stretch.


Charged ahead anyway.

bird poop stink and bird chirps are good incentives.

Finally managed to finish it. Slightly slower than my Penang marathon timing, but yeaaah.


Liz finally called and we met up by the huge Dataran flagpole. Here are some pics!

this is sien han! he ran full marathon on an hour's sleep or something. how good to be young!
jeng jeng jeng. the volleyball gang! miss them so much :(
and the person who got ranked 54th (or 52nd. i forgot.) in her category!!!!! Seriously proud of her. plus we started the run so late somemore :D qian tu wu liang ah. 
I guess a marathon is about overcoming the imaginary obstacles you set for yourself. It's all in the head! 

Like how i keep saying my feet hurts lah blah blah; well it did hurt, but not until I reached the ninth kilometer, and by then, it didn't matter at all. 

After the marathon, we rushed home for a shower, then went to church. Seems like such a productive morning! (and i think marathons are just good reasons to feast and crash nap heehee)


Feelings of victory aside, from the run till today, I've went for a run exactly... ... twice. 

But fingers crossed for the 2014 edition!

The time has come to draft 2014 resolutions :D Not sure whether I'll be doing a "2013 reflection" post, but indeed, this has been a great year. Aiyah just do it here lah. 

To rattle things off, I really like 2013 because I: 

voted for the first time, learned to love my country, got a pretty cool internship, graduated, got a pretty cool first job, got to waive my ptptn loans, fulfilled 3 out of 4 items on my 2013 resolutions (that's record-breaking i tell you), traaavelled, experienced ktm breakdowns and punctuality first-hand, got a smooth transition to working life, met amazing people, participated in #TSBreakAway, took baby steps out of my comfort zone, learned to love my family even more, baked my own bread... ... hahaha. 

That's some of the highlights i can remember at the moment lah. January 1st will be celebrated with a thanksgiving service at church! Can't wait to hear all the wonderful works that God has done for everyone this year :)

Reminder/Resolution: Graaatitude! :D 

See you next year!

LEGO THE MOVIE & a very short post for December

while fingers are crossed for The Desolation of Smaug, here's a LEGO movie trailer to confuse us all. 
Pretty cute though. the characters move like how i imagined them to be. 



Seems like a Wreck-It Ralph rehash with LEGO characters instead of arcade citizens.

Should be good to reminisce about the good ol' days. LEGO has managed to make itself relevant again; probably this movie will get more kids clamoring for LEGO action figures and increase chances of kids writing a letter to Santa for a LEGO set. For more context, read this

Please don't buy Ipad minis for your three year olds T.T little kids should grow strong bones and muscles and run around; not sit on sofas exercising their fingers! 

(btw my article on this is out in the newest TimeOut Malaysia Kids' Guide! heehee. So i feel really strongly about this issue.) 

Just wanna post this LEGO trailer lah. watch and lemme know what you think! 

December's an extremely busy month, and i cringe to realize that this is the first post for December. haih sorry my non-existent readers. no promises but i think i'll start working on the HYPERDELAYEDBACKLOGGEDISHMENT as soon as i scrape some free time. heh. 

in the meantime, go here for some incredible GIFs courtesy of sukkie's note 3. while i slog hard over Photoshop settings for gifs, the note 3 creates gifs like producing earwax (without thinking). And the gifs are of completely random but funny moments! go read go read. 

(i'm having fun with the CANON 100D! all thanks to #TSBreakAway, the zombies and kids, and Vig the judge! MORE ON THAT. I PROMISE. I SWEAR.)

loads of love but gotta run,