Nov 10, 2013

why i went to Kuala Selangor.

i think i did this recently, but let's recap. This is Colossal is basically my favourite go-to website. also colormekatie, but updates on her blog are precious few due to her schedule. Colossal curates and constantly updates everything art. it has helped me procrastinate through many an afternoon, making me think more creatively, and anyway, i like his taste. 

of all the artsy stuff he shared, i liked street art pieces best. 

the ones who turned ordinary things around us into something one would stop and admire. 
this yarn-bombed tree squid basically transformed the dirty looking neighbourhood corner where everyone avoids, into something bright and attractive. 

check out the tiny goldfish on the top right!  
googly-eyed street art. zey are ze best.
and the chandelier tree of silver lake! this is my favorite. Javen would love watching the chandeliers. 

there's even a small meter for admiring locals to put coins in and help with the electricity bill.
seemingly weightless, i would totally freak out if i happened upon Cornelia Konrad's works in the night at the edge of the forest.

after reading and wondering about the crazy amount of work needed to create these pieces, i would start thinking about making these in my own neighbourhood.

and also (typical me) start to lament the lack of installation art and art awareness in Malaysia. to most Malaysians, art might be somewhere between bitter gourds and potholes in terms of usefulness. 

there is a small but sure movement in the form of spaces like Publika, and Ernest Zacharevic's incredibly popular murals all over Penang. baby steps, y'all. 


on a recent road trip to the Kuala Selangor fishing village with ling, yew and eelin, imagine my utter shock when there was a bunch of installation art by the roadside. 

we just HAD TO stop and potter around, exclaiming in amazement and surprise at the weird colourful bikes and oil drums and stuff welded together.

it's just not done

we tried asking the malay lady working in the nearby run-down food court, but she had no idea who was behind the installations. and our bahasa is so bad, we couldn't understand her actually. 

so that was that. 

we left the spot, slightly confused and surprised, but with smiling faces, happy to have discovered art, on the way to a tiny fishing village. Kuala Selangor is a tiny fishing village, and the route there is all palm oil estates and pretty kampung houses. 

in all my years of travelling around Malaysia, i'm pretty used to that flat kampung Malaysian landscape. 

it's the same drill. 
kampung house. rubber estate. pineapple estate. coffee estate. small rows of shop lots. random police station. gas station. malay wooden seafood restaurants. mountains in the background. 


like the stuff i see in Colossal!! 

so i really wanted to find the mysterious kampung artists, but never had a chance to. 


until #TSBreakAway included a challenge on day 3. a solo challenge designed for us to hunt for stories. beautifully done, guys. 

so i threw the self-consciousness out of the window and went ahead. Never did i imagine that i could do it. 

separate post coming right up! or else it would be too long :( 

hehehe i'm very proud of my GIFs. took me some time and precious sleep to learn how to make them from photoshop :DDD

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