Nov 5, 2013

why i gladly paid for these postcards.

on every visit to penang, my head turns left and right, trying to imprint every architecture in my brain before we leave it behind. 

the many buildings and shop facades just make me want to put on a pair of extremely good walking shoes and walk all the streets of penang, photographing every abandoned or refurbished building. 

while i was toying with this thought, we visited the Camera Museum at Lebuh Muntri! 

assumed the shop next door is the Camera Museum's gift shop so we went in while i cleared the camera's memory card. but actually the 'gift shop' turned out to be Moontree 47, a quaint little cafe with a budget hotel upstairs which also sells postcards on the side. 

the small space is decked out in vintagey car plates, cameras, soft golden light, wooden furnishings... ... 

but i only had eyes for the wall of postcards. 
the postcards! all of them were so gorgeous and basically, my dream project with the buildings in town. 

the guy in charge seems to be the artsy type, donning black-rimmed glasses with longish wavy hair. 

he curtly said, "this is also a cafe. we're closing soon, by the way."


but the photos were so dreamy and beautiful, i forgive him. heeheehee. 

the cards retail for RM2 each, and i choose ten of them easily. 

so beautiful! would've brought everything if i had the cash. 

now please scroll slowly through all the pictures here! 
now, if someone asks me: 
"if time travel to the past is possible, where would you go to?"

i have my answer! 
"to see colonial penang in its heyday!"
imagine those unique shop houses going up, huge old mansions bustling with people, lighted up with gas lamps....(gas lamps right? or electricity lamps already?)...

and a random cat one thrown in. apparently this is Mia the resident cat.
 now to scribble and send them out! wish i could keep copies of those for myself :(
lee kerr didn't want these pictures as postcards. he wanted them as jpeg files for his desktop wallpapers lol. so we asked the owner whether he had jpeg ones. he told us about his fb page though. it's newly set up so we hope he could post more stuff there soon! and he's the one who took all these. do you think he's looking for photography interns? hahahah.

here's their facebook page: The Postcard Shop
and the cafe: Moontree 47

a beautiful island and a great idea :)

half a mind to send all these to myself. heh. 


  1. I've been to the cafe back in 2011 and it was still an ongoing project back then. I wonder how it is now. And those postcards are just gorgeous. I would love to receive and send them out.

  2. hehe it's now two years old already? can go buy mah, ipoh very near to penang right?

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