Nov 8, 2013

Lazy Gardening: Terrariums.

when the itinerary for #TSBreakAway arrived in the inbox, i was rather intrigued to find a terrarium workshop scheduled on the last day. 

"why a terrarium workshop? how does it help us write?" is the general comment, but actually i'm really really excited about doing it. heh. mostly because i really wanted cute small potted plants to decorate my desk! 

but i went to bed at 3:30am. 

and overslept!!!!!

emo sial. 

finally someone called me and i rushed down in record time, just enough to catch the end of the workshop and have some breakfast. 

so while i built my usual mini pancake and waffle sandwiches, i had to watch sadly as the others showed me their terrariums.  
this is... raw's, i think. he even put tiny pagar-pagar and that beetle! 
while raw's hand is sticking mini #TSBreakAway flags in his terrarium, you can see jeff and a really excited khai in the background. jeff's terrarium is very layer cake-ish. 
see! so nice! look closely at khai's yellow pot and try to find that fat plastic housefly. 

there were no containers left for me. so i had to finish up my breakfast sadly and resist temptation to steal the sugar pots from Empire hotel. 

adam egged me keep some of the colorful stones and charcoal so i can make my own, and cathy (the terrarium guru) was really nice and even explained how to make it on my own! hehehe. 

basically terrarium workshops have nothing to do with blogging, but just a good reason to calm down, focus, and make something with our hands. 

plus cactuses are really hard to kill. 

terrariums: the ultimate low maintenance indoor mini garden! perfect for me hehehe. 

here's what i got!
the dark green and blue glittering stuff are from IKEA, and the small yellow stones are from daiso. cathy says she gets most of her terrarium supplies from IKEA and Daiso. 

terrarium ingredients: pebbles, charcoal, soil, plant, and whatever deco you have on hand. 
i used reindeer cupcake toppings!
got these mini cacti and a succulent from the only nursery nearby. they sell air plants too! 
at first i thought it's really easy. just start off with a layer of pebbles, then active charcoal(it's sold at Daiso) to absorb any excess moisture, then soil (must be clean soil), then plant your little cacti in, then add deco. 

macam yes. 

but actually you need a lot of patience! which i don't have :(

first i dumped soil over the plant and made it all dirty. 
then i was forced to use folded up paper as funnel to make sure the soil goes to the side. 
then use plastic stirrers to press down the stuff... ... 

at the end i had to use toothpicks to carefully clean the dirt off the plants for added photogenic qualities hahaha
after much trial and error and repotting, this is the nearest i could get to something resembling a terrarium. 
this is the smallest one. don't know how fast it grows so it gets to stay in the pot for time being. 


felt this fat sense of accomplishment every time i pass by the piano and see these tiny plants sitting quietly there. 

will bring it to the office soon! can look at it whenever i get writers' block heheh. 


  1. Haha. Super excited, yes! Why la u slept so late? Oh, KARAOKE! hahaha. Anyway, congrats on this accomplishment of yours! Looks nice la weyhh! ;)

  2. Haha! Yes, that's mine. It didn't survive the trip to DPAC and later home unfortunately so I have to try to do it again before the cactus die prematurely. *sigh* But it was a pretty calming experience, wasn't it?

  3. Hi Joyce,

    Where did you go for this workshop?