Nov 14, 2013

How to overcome your fear of heights!

You know, I think I'll be writing #TSBreakAway posts for many months to come haha. 

But before that, let's have some paragliding pictures! 

To cut the story short: Kak Orkid the extreme sportswoman extraordinaire & army man Kapten Ikhwan are basically paragliding pros who decided to start the first paragliding flight park in Malaysia. 

Born in a family of seven, Kak Orkid is the middle child; this means she can basically choose to go all girly or boyish. Thank god she choose the extreme sports route! 

She introduced the sports to Kapten, and this crazy couple bought their own paragliding kit and went jumping off various hills in Malaysia like Broga Hill etc to find out which place near KL has the best flying conditions. 

The answer is Bukit Jugra, Banting! 

After heavy rain during the night, it was a cold morning when we reached Bukit Jugra, with a huge Chinese cemetery and abandoned buildings rising through the mist. The cloudy day doesn't seem to bode well for us para-gliders. 
True enough. Kapten says there wasn't enough wind to get flying, and we should all go downhill to the flight park for some home-made nasi lemak(extremely delicious ones!) and watch videos of the previous flights. 

IT WAS A DAY OF WAITING. That's the first thing you should know about paragliding. 

no wind no go. cannot be any old wind though. 

it has to be wind coming from this perfect angle. Kak Orked says it taught her a lot of patience. 
 Handmade paragliding bear! :D
 While waiting for favourable winds, some of us went to visit the Jugra Museum hehe. 
After the museum, we drove to the river for a closer look. This catfish here has leaped onshore during the night, and now had to flip flop wanly in the shallow puddle, baking in the sun. What a painful way to die. I would've saved it if not for the two guys who were going to use it as bait to fish. :( 

The Jugra River is impressively clear and green that day! (Kak Orkid says its usually "teh tarik" tones! We're honoured!)

after ages of waiting, nasi lemak, lepak, museum visiting, mosquito repelling, and more waiting..... ..... 


Three Basic Rules: 

1. when kapten says 'run', you run run run run. 

2. when kapten says 'sit', you sit. 

presenting, the professional photo-bomber: 
and another GIF i made of Juan's flight! 

no jumping! just yelling, soaring and  lots of excited whooping heheheheh
 "Usually men are scared of heights."

"65% of our customers are ladies!"
smile and wave boys, smile and wave. 
no worries! Kapten does all the hardwork, so all you need to do is hold the GoPro at perfect angles and scream. 

There you go. no more fear of heights. hahahaha. 

it was such a peaceful activity; floating over the durian orchards below, admiring the glassy green river, and add in a bit of ganjeong-ness when it comes to landing. LOVE IT. 

too bad a basic paragliding set costs RM13k though. 


P.S: pleeease have a Work & Fly Internship programme soon :D

for more information on this free & easy method to overcome your fear of heights, go here: PLUM


  1. Glad I stumbled upon this post. I should try some of this to get rid of my fear of heights. Thanks!