Nov 3, 2013

brek-fuhst. an awareness campaign.

this is weird. i don't think i've ever published these photos. 

skip me not is one of my favorite campaigns, done in our second final semester. we encouraged fellow intians to go for breakfast by giving out cornflakes & milk + some photobooth oppurtunities :D

this is terribly out of date, but i wanna commemorate it! 
elvina and her perfectly executed milk moustache! 
putting up yummy realistic breakfast suggestions on the bridge :D
wanted classy plain white paper cups but no can do :(

jeng jeng jeng! downloaded these printables and added in the event name. also used them as event invitations!
the other group! pei lynn & co getting petitions for safe sex hehe.
milo + mini cornflakes :D
"i agree to get breakfast after this..." 
signboards :D

some small informational 'brochures' to pass out :D
and the awesome group members that made it happen! there were loads of other nice pictures lah, but these were the only ones i could find in the laptop :(

remember to have breakfast, guys!

ah. miss this so bad now.