Oct 28, 2013

#TSBreakAway Day 3: THE TRAIL

if you've been checking out #TSBreakAway's website, you'd know that the itinerary includes a trail for the participants to forge on Day 3. 

if you have not, hehe let me explain. 

basically #TSBreakAway is this amahzing project by the team at Tourism Selangor. 

they've been organizing monthly outings for bloggers to weird and wonderful places around Selangor, but this is a new project to get bloggers to rethink the way they write and basically get a major upgrade with workshops and activities. 

more on those workshops later (Vig from Obscura Festival & Dina Zaman so far!), but mostly i'd been rather worried about the third day. the 12 of us are required to go around Selangor on our own on a trail untrod! 

it's one of the most tiring days; having to stand under the hot, hot sun for hours, with the sweat dripping on the camera (i know, grosss) and petrified fingers. 

did many things i never thought i could, and came back with stories to tell!

*happy dance*

in all, a lovely, lovely day. 

before i go to sleep, here are some beautiful pictures taken by the Canon-sponsored 60D! 
pretty blue skies! 
thought the house was abandoned,  mana tau a shirtless guy climbed out from below!
these art installations. who would've thought! 
abandoned old buildings heheheheh.

paramotoring tomorrow!! :D


*my roommate is watching some scary-sounding documentary! (the Ghost-busters Team had some tales about their Selangor creepy trail today. I'M SCARED)