Oct 23, 2013

KL River after the rain.

man carrying his belongings, Masjid Jamek.

After the rain, the KL-Klang river at a glance: LOTS of grass clippings, chunks of Styrofoam in all sizes, red plastic bags, orange plastic bags, rusted milo tin can, oozing black mud.    

just wanted to write that down, heh.

anyway, things were getting hectic and at a moment i was squished up against a wall but now everything's chill, the calm before the storm, i guess. i don't particularly like to write explicitly because i'm painfully self-conscious and afraid of what others would think of me. but then again, it annoys me when i read my previous posts and can't recollect what that particular post is about. isn't that sad? 

before i chicken out, my point is, this weekend I'll get to go on a mini major challenge in the form of #TSBreakAway. it's a new pilot project by the Tourism Selangor board to nurture writers, so I'll get to have writing and photography workshops! (actually i've only heard about Dina Zaman out of all the mentors, but still, wheeeee)

exactly what i needed! 

at the beginning, me being the comfort zone slug, was insanely apprehensive about all the stuff we would have to do for the project. although it messed up my annual leave schedule and deadlines, but now i've decidedly dived in hehehe. gonna learn all i can! and throw away the annoying self-consciousness. 

alright gotta run. 

things to get: A CAMERA. 

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