Aug 8, 2013


here's a lazy post detailing what happened during my birthday. 

i swear July just sneaked by. it's already Raya! 

and Christmas is less than 4 months away! whoah. 

i'm not sure what to write about my birthday. other than a mandatory obligation to record this in the recesses of the internet (i sound so ungrateful ugh), I guess it's important to reread it in the future and get all teary eyed. 22 weh. 

um. i have this depression complex when it gets to my birthdays, but it's been improving over the years. so i spent my birthday eve going to bed early. HAHAHA. 

and successfully fell asleep.

 until eunice came to wake me up and i WAS SO GRUMPY IT WAS A WONDERFUL SNOOZEFEST then i stomped downstairs and
SANDRA CAME! straight after work she's still in her formal office wear! :') 

with very lovely macadamia cheesecake from Beyond Veggie, Secret Recipe's new vegan foray. 


(grace spent the rest of the week eating the whole thing up. i got a tiny slice.)

so i went back to sleep. woke up in the morning to kitchen sounds downstairs.
birthday care package from grace & eunice! they woke up early to make all this for me! best breakfast ever!

plus grace made a really nice card and letter for me. gonna frame it up. some day. 

red velvet and cream cheese attempt by grace! NOM. I APPROVE.

so anyway spent the last sunday night celebrating with the family already, so i just thought that was that. also getting ready to sleep (sorry lah i really love my sleep and it was almost 12!) when liz called! hehehe. so talked on the phone a bit and then grace showed me a video she made of the volleyball gang's wishes.



and then a whole bunch of people came into my room where i was wearing ratty clothes fit for sleeping only and singing birthday songs and i saw liz and nian fong and suzanne and her bf (totally paused for a moment trying to place this guy) and CHIU LING! she was still wearing her workwear (i seem very obsessed with formal wear haha but i totally hate the feeling of wearing formal long after working hours) and so i got teary T.T

and many others came too T.T

here's my present: 
not sure to laugh or cry. hahaha

 went for yamcha after that at Old Trafford and we lived happily ever after. 

birthday celebrations should get smaller and smaller every year. until you're like 80 something then your grandkids suddenly throw huge birthday bashes with ugly pink peach cakes.

huge fat thanks to everyone. i mean it. for coming, for the effort, for your time, for the wishes, for years of friendship, for delicious lunch and breakfasts, for nice cakes.

sorry if i'm a horrible person who doesn't remember your birthday in return.

i really should start changing that.

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