Aug 8, 2013

of weddings and water wars.

another scarily long overdue post. 

shing yi and poh kin got married on the first of june! somehow i find that a very beautiful date. summery and happy. 

at least two other couples i know got hitched that day too! smiles all around. 

here are some pretty pictures of the big day! 

my task for the wedding is basically to create the photo booth and some decor stuff. finished up the photo booth and left all the decor business to grace while i slunked off to bangkok heheheh. 

luckily the youths helped out and we managed to pull everything off. 

morning iz game time! we failed at being ji muis. way too nice, nothing challenging, to the extent the 'heng dais' were shocked and surprised. 

i made these white mice ears for the guys! 

since shing yi's research required lots and lots of mice and she's always talking about the latest mice situation, thought it would be fun to have them all dress up like mice. 

used white hairband from bangkok (RM1 each!) and white felt from daiso to cut, sew, and paste. 

this game is where they're supposed to use a straw to suck all sorts of weird drinks.
two guys to eat these wasabi coated pockies from each end, then then form a heart shape with all the 1cm pieces.

and some other games, but basically, really tame stuff. I feel ashamed for the reputation of challenging jimuis. even the guys were shocked that we "end game" so quickly!

then we rushed off to church for registration and photobooth setup while they went through the tea ceremonies.
i didn't take many pics that day so must post! haha this one is taken as testing for the lighting and all. spot my beautiful handmade L-O-V-E lettering! :D
daniel & jo-ai with their props!

I'm really pleased with the photo booth outcome! shing yi bought a load of instax films and the guests had fun posing with their props.

have to thank chiyan, nicholas, jo-ai, and eugene who helped out with inviting the guests to come over and take pictures, suggesting creative poses to them, making sure no one takes away the photos, and most importantly, ensuring that none of the props disappeared!
here's lucas grimacing from the left, chloe looking serious in her pretty dress, and dorcas holding grumpy baby daniel. 

let the ceremonies begin! 

i love this two so much! and they've been through a lot. everyone is beaming and happy and smiley and just feeling glad for them. poh kin may not be the hottest guy out there, and shing yi being more than 170cm is practically taller than him, i think. but their love is so beautiful and blessed, these things don't really matter in comparison.

jeng jeng. "i promise to be true to you... ... "
"you may kiss the bride!"

the girls all getting ready to "catch the bouquet". mana tau philip koh the master of ceremonies suddenly says that "ONLY GIRLS OLDER THAN 21 CAN GO". LAAME. so almost all of them tak cukup umur haha.
so the guys went for it. kanglim(the blurred one) tried so hard to catch the bouquet, he even asked shing yi to throw 3 more times! *cough kohyanci cough*
the ji muis! we didn't have a proper shot of everyone standing on the grass with beautiful sunlight. sad.

glad to have been part of the day!

this is the wedding planner. with her best pose. sheet yeen really did a great job with the event!

the LOVE got kinda wonky. have to make them sturdier next time. manila card tak boleh pakai. i stressed the WHOLE NIGHT over this wording. tried so many ways to save it but kenot. at the end we just crossed our fingers and hoped it would survive.

it did! barely. heehee.
EEEEEEE. bro and dai sou and tiny JAVENN

time for wedding lunch. these party favours are pretty cute!
they took an awkwardly long period of time getting off the cork. waiter didn't loosen it in advance lol. 
this will be daniel's last pageboy gig! 
horrible hair sticking to balloons. 

after lunch, we rushed back to church to prepare for the afternoon's youth activity.


so basically the cars are bunkers and everyone gets water guns to fill up with food coloring water. so if the white cloth on your shirt is stained, you're out! Jun Yan's holding a different weapon. The blue water stick is sort of booster which shoots a lot more over longer distances. The bad thing is, he can only shoot once, so he just "whoosh" a whole load of water then runs back to refill and repeat. haha
Hock Chuan using his National Service training to lead our group! Bravo indeed
look closely to see the water droplets in the evening sun!
in all, a very tiring and satisfying day. jaw got tired from smiling so much!

and we lived happily ever after.


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