Aug 12, 2013

Is it better to have been betrayed rather than never to have trusted anyone?

I spent a fine afternoon playing Saboteur and watching the final between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei (saddest ending ever with lame physiotherapists spraying his thighs! Don’t you have any other treatment?).

As I was about to leave a junction, some car zoomed by so I stepped on the brakes. 

A LOUD CRAANCH and guess what? 

My first ever car accident GAAAH I yelled some choice swear words and got really really worried. Ling ling was next to me hahaha and I think she was really nervous too. Both of us were kinda loud, saying stuff like what to do calm down what to do what happened oh nooo. What if it’s a huge car and I needed loads of money for the repairs? 

I know zero about negotiation in these cases.

The perpetrator turned to be a dazed-looking old dude on a motorcycle. I think he assumed I left the junction already so he wasn’t watching his way and just crashed into my car. HAIH.

I contemplated leaving the scene, but he looked so pening so I finally wound down the window and asked him how bad is the situation HAHAHA. He looked at the car and mumbled “nothing lah, not much.” I think he seemed kinda scared too since it’s basically his fault. And he speaks Cantonese lo! What are the odds of finding a Canto-speaking guy in Klang? Luckily it’s not Hokkien or I would have given up. Finally I said something along the lines of “never mind lah, never mind lah” and left.

When I reached the restaurant to have dinner with family, I inspected the damage. 

There’s a loooong scratch, and the backlight has a fat crack. 

Estimated damage should be at least RM300? Not quite sure.

Upon hindsight, I knew I should have asked the guy for his contact details and maybe invoice him with the cost. But this is practically the first time I got into an accident with a motorcycle (or any other vehicle, for the matter), and wasn’t the car supposed to be the offender in all cases with a bike? No idea. 

Also, he looked really kesian with that dazed face, and he seems kinda old, and the bike looks old too. I know the stories about millionaires who drive cheap cars being really rich in real life, but he looks like he’s worried about the extra expenses I gonna make him pay. 

Maybe it’s a moment of misguided pity. Whatever.

Basically the REAL REASON I left without taking any action is because I was scared that this is just a ploy to get me out the car then his gang would rob and drag us yelling through the roads until we bleed to death or something.

If you’re not in the mood for a rant then you can scroll down already. But I need to rant hehehe.

First there is story A:

A friend whose backpack was snatched and she were dragged along the road. With her injuries, cars were stuck in a traffic jam so she knocked on cars’ windows for help. NO ONE dared to open their cars to help her IN CASE it was a ploy to rob them instead.

Then there is story B:

A friend’s sister who was robbed when she got out of her car to open the gate. Some Indians slashed her, ran off with the bag, and the worst thing is, the next door neighbors witnessed the incident, THEN PULLED THEIR CURTAINS SHUT.

Of course, the infamous story C:

It was in the papers in 2010 and it’s something like the petrol station attendants who didn’t dare to open the door to pass the guy a fire extinguisher to save some lady who got burned alive in the end.

I WOULD LOVE TO INTERVIEW THESE DUDES. This surely merits some psychopathic research.

Have we sunk to such new lows?

Sadly, I have to say, I wouldn’t mind the acts of desperate violence like robberies, snatch thefts, acid dumping, and shootings, if the people still stick together and help each other out in times of evil. 

But these criminals are world-class geniuses to play on our sympathies and turn normal humans against each other. I have to give them credit for this. You guys are smart.

I hate it when these acts of violence make us lose our morality. Whatever happened to the old-fashioned but beautiful “help those in need”? 

Now “Every man for himself” is the new black.

It’s so saddening and frustrating to see people shutting themselves down.

Maybe I read too many books or movies about heroes sacrificing themselves for the greater good, but that seems a nobler route rather than the guy who closed his curtains and ignored the tragedy. 

It wouldn’t be a life worth living, with every waking moment watching the woman being burnt to death or some random victim bleeding on the streets.

 I don’t want to live in this kind of world, where people allowed humanity to be bled out of them. No one looks out for each other anymore. Old ladies are supposed to sprint across the road by themselves.

Maybe, I shouldn’t be so hard on the rakyat.

Why not we take a closer look at the situation?

With the current wave of shootings (I’m guessing Malaysian headlines are gaining similarity with American newspapers), and whatnot, the fearless and impossible-for-capture criminal armies roaming our streets is definitely worth a closer look.

How did this happen?

I remembered a childhood running amok in the neighborhood and being a nuisance to the neighbors and parents of my childhood friends. We were fearless. Our enemies might be the crazy dog or the lurking stranger with candy which we ARE NOT TO TALK TO.

Today? Rich kids play safely in “security gated communities” which look more like jail housing (heck they might just get their exercise with wii) while poor kids just take the risk.

Newspapers are riddled with overused terms like crime wave, snatch thefts, and whatnot. They say it’s always darkest before dawn. I feel like we’re still in the evening. How much more worse can this shit get? Why is this allowed to run rampant? Are the robberies supplementing the authorities’ income?

To be honest, I have no idea who the robbers are but based on the ones I saw on two different occasions, they look pretty much like illegal immigrants (I know there are hard-working honest immigrants out there don’t blame me for being politically incorrect here but LETS ASSUME). Why the hell is our government suddenly so interested in our best interests and security risks by deporting some Australian Senator while armies of illegal immigrants are allowed to stroll in and in all probability, cause all this sadness and fear in Malaysia?

I was grimly... ... happy when the Inspector General of Police’s siblings and Youth and Sports Minister Khairy’s homes got robbed. One should never laugh at others’ misfortunes, but the fat cats think they can get away with corruption which will never touch them. 

Guess what? The decay is so complete that even the powerful are not spared.

Let’s take a look at the IGP’s comment to the crimes:

“While we are at it, we need the people to understand that this does not mean the situation is out of control. It merely seems such as it’s all occurring at the same time”

It’s all a matter of perception, people! it's just some freakish occurrence of nature where all criminals coordinate their mating ritual to attract possible mates! 

After all this ranting....

It all boils down to corruption. The decaying agent behind the invincible crime wave, tottering economy, and destruction of 130 million year old Malaysian rainforests (this is totally unrelated, but did you know Malaysia’s rainforests are more than twice the age of Amazon rainforests? And we’re replacing all that tourist opportunity and priceless biodiversity with palm oil plantations. Go figure).

talking about animals when humans' lives are at stake seems rather trivial, but

this kid right here haz his relatives become road kill, hacked up for food, and random getting trapped in snares meant for deer and pigs. 

a country's level of development can be evaluated by the way it treats its animals, no? 

trust has its risks, but i will try my best to live a life that i'm proud of, rather than skulk like some second rate person that let fear take over. 

fingers crossed!

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