Jun 18, 2013

Daddy's Day.

Had a belated Father's Day celebration earlier in the evening. Unusually dim lighting in Dragon-I's, and the siew long bao's were juicy as always. This is the first year that the Koh Bin Wu celebrates Father's Day, and his kid is horribly cute! Here are some paparazzi shots of the grandpa and the grandson HAHAHA. 

Grandfather's Day, more like it. 
Javen's wearing happy pants! (my second favorite. the best one has a bear's face on the butt lol)
whenever we bring him up from the depths of the pram, he checks out everything on the table.


especially the food.
 this is Grace's favoritiest picture of the day. taken by her too. heh.
 the saliva glands werking overtime. Did i mention he's getting his tiny teeth already? I have a picture of him on my homescreen that cracks me up every single time i see it. Dai Sou was pushing down his fat chin to show us his minuscule pearly whites, and he's yelling to hide it. face all red, eyebrows turned down, eyes scrunched up. looks so annoyed and angry HAHAHAHAH
I have a bad case of baby crush. 

to dad, thanks for everything, all these years :)

During the drive back, the haze was so thick in places that we cant see the trees on the side of the road! and as im typing out this, had to run to the kitchen to get water frequently. I remembered back in high school, there was a year the haze got so bad that classes were cancelled and all of us just huddled in our rooms while the world outside looked MUD BROWN. 

the washrooms offered the only form of refreshing air. finally it got so bad, and the hostel PIC finally let us home, where fresh air and nice water could be found.

Fast forward today, I'm home, and the air is still bad.


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