May 8, 2013

Takahiro Iwasaki's Thread Sculptures.

hello guys! thought that life should go on. after all those black profile pictures, touching photos of the massive crowd at kelana jaya, and really ugly digital artwork of questionable news on facebook, i'm in desperate need of something beautiful for my eyes to rest upon.

take a look at these pics and imagine the amount of painstaking detail that must've gone into them.   
Intricate thread sculptures by Japanese artist Takahiro Iwasaki. Crazily tiny and delicate set-ups.
Lookie! Ferris Wheel for ants!
read more about them here. The Colossal is probably one of my top-10-must-read-on-a-regular-basis blogs. carefully curated posts updated daily about what's going on with artists worldwide, the stuff these artists do are just so amazing and interesting, they make me want to do more with my life! it's also pretty fun to imagine how they do it, why they do it, and how could i go about it.

Currently i'm in the midst of BERGOYANG KAKI: WEEK ONE. submitted my internship report this morning. and from now on, it's Convo Countdown. i know it sounds cliched, but TIME PASSES SO FAST! chiuling was reminiscing about the very first day of class. she even remembered what shirt i was wearing! and what phone i used (sony ericsson lol)! and that i looked really different with hair up and hair down (gosh long hair!)!

complain complain about inti, and now convo iz coming in 2 months time!

it's a different phase of life lah. right now its kinda enjoying the fresh grad half-jobless life. and more time to blog. to tell the truth, i miss the working life quite a bit. can't wait till June comes and see what it brings along.

good luck to all :D

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