May 10, 2013

The Greatest Dog GIFs of All Time.


ladies and gentlemen, presenting:



best for bad days and good days. this just proves how universally cute pugs are.

have a nice weekend everyone! (hahah its friday already? #lifeofthejobless)

May 9, 2013

BALI MUST EATS: Naughty Nuri's, Pizza Hut & What Happened On The Rest Of Day Two.

After all that monkey excitement, it's time for lunch! we headed back into Kuta and stopped at (of all places) a MALL. 

Discovery Mall, to be more precise. We're here for Pizza Hut! 

However, first things first. to reach Pizza Hut, it was quite a distance, and in between, we began a spot of shopping. We girls wanted to check out Roxy, while Nian Fong needed new flip flops to replace his monkey-attacked one. Back in high school Adeline, my Indonesian roommate told me that Roxy in Bali very cheap one. We were highly disappointed :( the prices seem about the same in KL. 

Also spotted Cold Stone Creamery! There are exactly none in Malaysia, so it's high time to try these here. Read about it a long time ago in some Japanese magazines, and i've never thought about how the name came from. The guy literally mashed up the ice creams and ingredients on a cold hunk of stone! 


Nian Fong bought his Billabongs and we finally reached Pizza Hut. Classy menu with Tuscany flavours and all. They even had a dessert counter with M&M and Reese toppings! Pizza Hut Malaysia, what happened to you lah. 

According to Sing Han, Pizza Hut in Bali is a must try because their tuna pizza is STUFFED FULL of tuna. very generous with ingredients and "ada standard"! 
HAHAHA before & after

Constantly buffeted by the wind, walking and monkey escaping can really tire you out. We went overboard with the orders (personal pan pizzas with different stuffed crusts: cheese and sausage. SAUSAGE CRUST, PEOPLE. and a large Tuna Melt to share.)

whilst waiting for our food to come, we asians must do asian things. here's everyone's fingers. 

(clockwise from the orange: ME, suzanne, butterfly tattoo is liz's, nian fong wonked up his black manicure, Sing Han had the largest nails, and Gordon!)

Gordon discovered the wonders of the iphone camera's panorama function! 
had fun trying out all the weird weird drinks. lesson learnt: colorful beverages are not to be trusted. The Tuna Pizza is memang stuffed full with hunks of juicy tuna. that's my favorite of the lot. 
Sausage Crust is quite unique, but salty. we found it hard going to finish everything. :( 
After stuffing ourselves silly, we took a picture of the bill to showoff that this is THE MOST EXPENSIVE MEAL EVAHH. (once its converted will be RM 110... ... i think.) and at the end no one uploaded it. haha starbucks is right next door. and what does one do? utilize free wifi lah! the starbucks Bali mug is quite cheap at rm27. good for some overpriced souvenirs. 
we just shamelessly stood there and got our social media fix. 

after awhile someone said EHH LET'S GET A MOVE ON LAH. 

so we moved outside. 
and continued. hahah i think i heard Gordon saying "must take a picture of all these "phone-facing people."

After that Suzanne and Liz had the common sense to start shopping so we all finally left Starbucks. Suz actually bought black heels. for her convo! haha this one memang graduation trip ah. 

Finally came to a tiny shop called "The Little Things She Needs". 


their ballet flats are like rm60 for 2 pairs so i split with Suz and we got three pairs each. teehee. but this shop reminds me a lot of Cotton On lah. the quality isn't very good. I love Cotton On flats. just because the material is really really soft and doesn't cause blisters from the first day onwards. Sadly the very same soft material also disintegrates really quickly and after about two weeks of wearing them it feels like wearing paper already. 

the flats of TLTSN have served me well during internship. but one pair got so disgustingly soggy and muddy and papery after the rain that i threw it away already. EMO. time to invest in some wellingtons!  

us with our purchases!

After shopping we went outside to admire the beach. Discovery Mall actually faces the sea so it's a pretty nice place to chill. lots of al fresco dining areas. No sand though. it's all rocks and the sea stinks a bit. 

Nyoman came for us after that and Suzanne got emo cause she didn't get to spend her free vouchers for braiding and some banana dessert. (she got those from buying her black heels!)


conversation in car between sing han and us: 

"eh tour guide, where are you going after this?"

"Naughty Nuri's"

"what's that?"

"a place to eat. got nice pork."


"yeah because it's too windy and stormy for Tanah Lot today so we had to change plans"

"oh.... ... walao. still very full leh!"

*dozes off*


still. food is food and good food is good food! Nyoman drove into a parking lot and we saw this:
wooo hooo. time for some porky goodness. wood smoke is drifting all over the place and we can smell the grilled pork already. 

sexy lady pig and another gangsta-looking pig hanging over the bar. 
It was about 4 or 5 in the evening. "For the Naughty but Nice", Naughty Nuri's is famous for their pork ribs, and everything porky. the pig theme is everywhere! Since we came so early, it was comfortably empty and we made our orders. Staff is very helpful with recommendations. 

After orders we wandered around taking photos of the place and looking at the porky elements. Pig murals, pig water feature and also pig coloring sets! 
the coloring set! 
comes with crayons for the restless kids. definitely a good choice for young families. 

Orders are here! for drinks, i got my usual Sprite, Suz got cocktails, the rest had beers and juices. cheers! come to think of it, we were kinda dehydrated. already thirsty from Pizza Hut's colorful drinks, and we kept finishing up the small bottles of mineral water. do take note of this, people! bring more H20 to Bali!

salad to balance out all the meats. 
ok we forgot to take a proper picture of the ribs. slathered all over with some indonesian sweet sauce and grilled to perfection, the meats are (to risk an overused cliche) fall-off-the-bone tender. no other way of putting it. glossy and delicious. i kinda regretted ordering so little to share. hahaha. with pizza hut sitting in our stomachs, the portions are about right.

Since i can't resist anything with banana on the menu, we ordered pisang goreng for dessert. Banana Fritters with vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream. 
This is Before.

-30 seconds-

This is After.

haha it's not exactly ground breaking yum, but with six hungry forks around, one must fight for your mouthful. 
More panorama experimentation. trying to get all 6 of us in the pic. 

the boys showing off their tattoos. 

thumbs up thumbs up for their babi gulingggg. in all, the meal cost us RM180. 

hyper from a good meal, it was already dark by the time we got back to Kuta. stopped at Carrefour for a spot of grocery shopping. 

Original list of Things To Buy: 1. Water 2. Adapter

I love visiting the department stores in other countries. Big C in Bangkok is pretty fun too! From those places, you can see what the locals buy and compare the packaging. 

For example, Bali's milo and vico are really different from ours. 

I came to the snacks department. It suddenly came to me that last time Adeline used to buy some snacks from Indonesia for us! 

Some biscuits called Taste Better and chocolate bars. 

Taste Better is NOT TO BE FOUND in KL. They resemble Choco Pie, but instead of the cake sandwich, it's biscuit sandwich! I brought Choco Pie once, and excitedly tore it open, thinking that its Taste Better. Mana tau the cake was too sweet and soft! gahh. 

so finding it in Carrefour brings back a load of memories. hehe

the rest also bought some after seeing me stock up on them. I'm not sure if it's really that good or its just nostalgic food. (you know those food that you eat in your childhood that's so totally awesome, you see them through rose-tinted glasses when actually they are not tasty at all? it's just the associated positive memories that are misleading.)

their C1000 Lemon is really cheap! also threw in a 6-pack. 


This is the end result. Luckily we got so much water. Bali practically fried us alive for the rest of the trip. 

The Carrefour in Bali had a cute four lane toll-like thing the cars had to enter the parking lot. 

Got so many cars enter Carrefour at the same time meh. 

Anyhow. just as we were about to cross the road with our shopping, 4 cars passed through the toll booth! 

In Malaysia, what would happen? the cars rev up then us pedestrians wait patiently, then madly sprinting across the road before the next wave of cars zoom past. 



I could've cried for joy! HAHAHA ok that's exaggeration but till now i can't think of that moment without smiling. WHERE TO FIND LA THIS COURTESY AND KINDNESS. ALL FOUR CARS TOGETHER WEH! :')

(ok this reminds me of Malaysia's suckiness which i shall complain about in the next post. your ears will be fried. Later. Later.)

After loading all our shopping into the car, Nyoman sent us to the spa. Initially Sing Han thought that we were ON BUDGET so he didn't schedule a spa into the itinerary. But during the day, someone asked, "eh we're in Bali leh, are we going for spa or not?". 

After some discussion HAHAHA all of us voted for the spa. Nyoman knew some place so he brought us there. it's USD40 per pax. (ok we might have gotten the expensive deal but nehmind!)
First time at a spa! so ganjeong! 

So at the beginning we sat the small 'lobby' and sipped on ginger tea (mom would LOVE this) while the lady goes to prepare the rooms. Suzanne hates ginger tea so i drank hers too. It's quite yummy! supposed to have detoxifying properties. 

the spa is supposed to be two per room but since there aren't any couples in our gang, me & suz shared a room, nian fong & sing han in another, then gordon & liz got to enjoy single rooms each! 

From the cramped lobby i thought the place looked really dodgy and tiny. Then we passed through a curtain and there's a whole courtyard in the place! rooms surrounding a garden. Happily we went into our rooms, locked belongings up into a locker, and changed into bathrobes.

The rooms had two beds each, and chairs with foot basins for foot baths, a bath tub strewn with rose petals with the water running slowly. There's also a shower at the very end of the room. the shower zone is sort of open air, and there's soft music playing in the background. 

Although we didn't know it at that time, the package we got included foot massage, full body massage, full body scrub and yogurt mask. HAHAHAHA so we just let the masseurs tell us what to do next. Quite ganjeong leh this being my first time at a spa, not counting those dirt cheap roadside massages at Chiang Mai hahaha. 

Frankly speaking, i'm not sure i like Balinese massage. They place a lot of emphasis on "pressure points", and everything else was just the hand... gliding over the skin. URGH. Maybe it's my fault for not requesting "kuat sikit". HAHA Nian Fong said that his original masseuse got a headache and had to change another masseuse when he kept saying "KUAT SIKIT KUAT SKIT" lol. The whole place was very serene, just the sound of the slowly spinning fan and music. After all that uncomfortable... gliding on the body, she slathered lots of scrub and said "tunggu ya" then left the room! 

We 'woke up' and started laughing and comparing notes. After awhile Nian Fong and Sing Han also had to wait so we started loudly talking across rooms haha. I'm not quite sure what scrub they used but its really clammy and uncomfortable to lie there for 10 minutes, with all those weird scrub ingredients all over. After the 10 minutes were up, they came back to scrub the other side. GAHH. more horrible clammy waiting.  

Next up, i was face down so i don't know what's coming next. Suddenly a dollop of ice cold yogurt landed on my back WHOOOOOOP its freaking cold that i half got up hahaha.

the masseuse laughed at me. deng.

After my back got thoroughly yogurted, she gave me the rest of the stuff to beryogurt myself. That's about the end of the massage session, so me and suz took turns showering then climbing into the bathtub. By the yelps coming from next door we can guess that they just got their first dollop of yogurt hahaha. 

I think we got too loud. Gordon (being the furthest from us) suddenly said "WOI SHUT UP the guest next door is asking us to quiet down!" 


After showering, SERIOUSLY THE BATHTUB IS MY FAVOURITE PART OF THE SPA. filled to the brim with hot water and rose petals, it's so relaxing :') Sorry lah as a Malaysian kid i usually used the tub at home to "swim" with cold water. It never occurred to me why people in movies love their tubs so much. NOW IM ENLIGHTENED. 

just bathtub = spa for me. same relaxing properties, lesser discomfort. HAHAH

HAHAH actually still got a lot pics at the spa one. but nevermind lah. fingers are enough. hahaha

Liz's voice floated from next door: 

"oi when you guys wanna leave then let you know ah"

"why? u wanna sleep ah?"


so fun lo she had the whole tub to herself!

Finally time's up and we reluctantly got up to shower again. After blow-drying and everything, it's one of those "all is well moments"--we just relaxed zen-like in the garden, taking in deep breaths, feeling goodwill towards the world, and allowing the mosquitoes to attack us. 

Nian Fong: "so... wanna party rock?"
Gordon: "I on de!"

personally i had no desire to wreck my hard earned zen-ness with party rock, but whatevs. One can't go Bali and go to bed at 10pm right! So we asked the spa driver for some recommendations and he drove us to Kuta's nightlife zone. 

Enjoyed the wind up at the club while I nursed my Coke HAHA. It tasted pretty flat though. Views are good, dancing is so so, got some fire breather on show though, and you can see the street bustling with a happy bar crawler crowd three floors down. 

Lost track of the huge amount of Billabong outlets. They're everywhere. like the 7-11s of Taiwan. After we left the club, got caught in the rain so we took cover at a kebab stall while listening to a live band from the opposite pub. Haih should've gone to bar to chill, instead of going to a raucous club where we had no mood to dance anyway. 

After the rain stopped, its time to look for a taxi.

Tip: Never hail a taxi at the end of the street, because the taxi  drivers waiting there know that you're at the end, and there's no more taxis left. Just walk back up the street, the middle ones are cheaper and more obliging to let 6 of us squeeze in. heh. 

That about sums up our second day. We'll be checking out and heading for Ubud the next day! 

WHEW I KNOW THIS POST IS TOO LONG. But i seriously didn't want to have BALI DAY 2 PART 3, PART 4, and PART 5. hence this crazy long post. Let me rest my eyes and fingers for awhile. Will try to write about Ubud and another activity-filled Day 3 soon! (our flight tickets are weirdly booked so more on that, some other time) HEHEH. 

so long!