Apr 7, 2013

Do you hear the people sing?

do you remember this post where I (as always) posted some photos and failed to follow up with a detailed post about my experience at Sabah? this happened so many times here that now i don't feel like apologizing anymore.

that was my second time to Sabah on a mission trip.

on the first time, we were extremely hardcore. no water supply, sleeping on wooden planks, going without shower after trodding on in rain and dark, got flooded while sleeping, no electricity supply.

to look at the bright side of things, we city-goers got a slap and woke up right up to the predicament of others. we also loved the clean icy cold river which you can't find anywhere in the peninsular.

today, i choose to look at the dark side of things. how is it that a government can allow their people to live in such state? some locals look defeated when mention comes of their governor. it's such a beautiful place. so blessed with natural resources. yet so poor. so, so poor.

last week, the parliament is dissolved.

while the social media is teeming with friends expressing euphoria at the country's impending revolutionary change, i got shocked when there're still friends who are still willing to vote for the...... 50 year rulers.

No Judging. Sorry, mate.

Every morning when i take the train, i see huge ads plastered in the train, over the escalators, patriotic pro-gov music videos on repeat, all along the lines of "KAMI MENDENGAR KELUHAN RAKYAT".

so touching weh. :'( our government is actually doing something! how lovely. *wipes tears of joy*

two examples:

"kami mendengar keluhan rakyat tentang masalah pengangkutan: Mr Jimmy Tan says that now with the wonderful new system i don't need to stay in the traffic jam."

"kami mendengar keluhan rakyat tentang kos sara hidup: Ms Rotimah says that its really stressful paying the fees so a couple of hundred bucks really came in handy when the kids are starting school."


wanna know what i think?

thank you dear government, for doing things that you SHOULD have been doing for the past 50 years, and what we've been paying you for.

thank you dear government, for the incredible inflation resulting in us being unable to scrape 100 bucks together to pay our kids' stationery fees.

thank you dear government, for the wonderfully corrupted planning resulting in our legendary traffic jams and gridlock.

thank you dear government, for giving us free vouchers and throwing money when the election is near.

thank you dear government, for the good job you've done in ensuring a safe place for us to live in peace.

thank you dear government, for being a classic textbook example of what not to be when I grow up.

thank you dear government, for showing us what a clean election could be.

thank you dear government, for putting Malaysia in global headlines with countless classic incidents such as a scandalous court case of a 60 year old man who allegedly sodomized a 20 year old young man who kept the semen in his unhygienic ass as long as 5 days to make sure the doctor (he went to the second one because the first one can't find anything wrong) can get the evidence out and who would go to the prime minister first after such a trauma rather than the police or hospital like a normal person would?

wanna know how i feel?

i'm tired of seeing those ads. i'm tired of being made fun of by my own government. i'm tired of being expected to thank you and fall all over your feet for listening to us.

i'm tired of paying tolls.

i'm tired of the inflation. i'm tired of being poor.

i'm tired of being stuck in gridlock.

i'm tired of my intelligence being insulted.

i'm tired of walking on the streets looking over our shoulders, clutching our bags in fear, worrying about our sisters (and mothers and grandmothers!), and distrusting every dark-skinned person in sight.

i'm tired of reading useless shit in the mainstream newspaper where they don't have any self-respect.

i'm tired of the 1000 phantom voters who all reside in the same address.

i'm tired of Malaysia as a laughingstock.

i'm tired of the corruption, bribery, and cowardice.

worst of all, i'm sad for the future generation who think that all of this is normal.

is a clean Malaysia so difficult?

can't wait to vote already.

face the election like a man, dear government! 
(in case you don't know what that means, it means, honor, honesty, and everything you've force-fed us in the Moral books.)