Apr 4, 2013

BALI DAY 2- Uluwatu, Monkey Forest, and Violence.

GAAAH highly unhappy as I already wrote four whole pages of what we did in Day 2 and my wandering fingers accidentally deleted it! My heart and soul and blood and sweat. And tears!

Alright. This is a new chance to rewrite and hone my writing. Don’t expect too much haha. After our GWK trip, we climbed in the car and went on another long drive to our next destination. We’re so proud of our new badass tattoos, hence the non-stop camwhoring.

The destination--Uluwatu. After we bought the tickets, some officer gave us sarongs. There’s a temple in there so we have to show a certain amount of decency. Apart from that the guy also told me to put my glasses away as the monkeys are dangerous and love to grab whatever they can. So with that in mind, I clutched my glasses in hand and walked down the path with lots of trees around us. 

They call it Monkey Forest, and the term Uluwatu didn't mean much to me. The weather was windy and damp, the trees dripped water occasionally, and me being half blind, couldn't see any monkeys at all. So after about 30 seconds of that I can’t stand that blur anymore and put my glasses back on. Nope. No monkeys in sight. Nian Fong wielded a bit of branch and challenged the monkeys to come out. 

Imagine this. The layout of Uluwatu is a T, and the pathway we’re on is the vertical bit. 

The end of the pathway is a clearing (at the middle of the T) and you can see the ocean. Faaaar below you. At first my thoughts were like,“It's just a cliff.” 

After I put my head over the wall and looked down and WHOAA it’s the most amazing shade of blue! The cliff was impressive enough and looked pretty dangerous. Should be 70 metres high at the veryyy least. 
Back to the ocean. The swelling rhythm of the waves is really mesmerizing, and most importantly, it was a beautiful and frightening deep blue. The water moved and surged slowly, and I think that it’s really, really deep. 

But where the waves froth, it became a striking light turquoise. Isn’t light colored water supposed to mean that its shallow waters? The closest thing that resembles it is Listerine! 
 We spent a long time admiring, exclaiming, and being slapped by the wind.

Finally we managed to tear our eyes off it and continued to walk along the cliff. Sort of turning left at the T. There’s a wet and muddy path along the cliff side with the ocean on your right and tall wild bushes on your left. 

This is when I noticed that there’s a huge gang of monkeys lurking behind the bushes. Creepy.
Yam/(tapioca?) used to feed the monkeys scattered all round. 
 Sing Han climbed over the (fence?) to take this highly dangerous photo. HAHAHA after that we found out that there's an opening that we could walk through. 
More pictures of the gorgeous waves. 
To give you an idea of how serious the winds were. 
Walking back to the clearing, suddenly huge fat raindrops pelted us and turned into heavy rain. We ran for shelter along with the other tourists. Some brave ones tried to run up the path back to the entrance.

It wasn’t quite fun shivering in the wind and wet clothes. As suddenly as it arrived, the rain let up and then some tourists came down from a long flight of stairs. Up we go then. (Compulsory touristy group shot is really hard to take. Luckily a kind guy offered to help heh)
According the Wikipedia, the temple up here (Pura Luhur Uluwatu) is one of the oldest temples in Bali, meant to honour the gods of the sea. But while we were there, we didn’t exactly know what’s going on so I guess some signboards might be helpful. 
The wind increased levels and our sarongs kept flying up. Lots of Marilyn Monroe moments.

The monkeys appeared.

By this time I was rather disappointed because after hearing so many tales about pirate monkeys running amok, one should see some monkeys at the Monkey Forest right? Bunches lurking behind bushes doesn’t count! Hahaha so quite excited to see them.
Went nearer to take some pics. Nian Fong has some unfinished business with monkeys back in his childhood. This monkey seemed quite calm. Then it ran away and passed by a group of tourists taking a group photo. Casually it jumped up to take a bite at some random lady’s backpack hahaha. 
They moved somewhere else to lure their friends out. 
Then a tourist came over to pose happily while his friend fiddled with the camera. The monkey saw its chance and scooted over so fast that no one managed to react.

It clamped its jaws on the guy’s flip-flops and hung on even though the guy kept shaking his foot violently to shake it off. 

The monkey was even more persistent and there were loud monkey barks and yells. Finally it left when the flip-flop was demolished. 

We all backed away in shock and  Nian Fong kept saying “Holey Shiet” HAHAHAH. 

Having seen enough of monkey violence, we decided to leave.
All that's left. Poor guy.  
Here’s an old monkey. Legs wide open. In front of us. Peeing. Like a boss.
Reprimanding it. Like it even cares.

Some younger gangsta monkeys came by. One followed us aggressively. 

We got scared then. Walking faster than the others, by the time I heard “JOYCE! JOYCE!” it was already too late. 

I felt something jumping on my back and frantically tried to shake it off. 

Undeterred, the monkey fell to the ground and managed to grab a PUMA badge from Nian Fong’s bag for all its hard work. HAHAHAHA.

Laughing in shock, we hurriedly left. Nian Fong’s flip-flop also broke in all the excitement hahahahha.  Sing Han kept saying “I TOLD YOU GUYS NOT TO PLAY WITH IT” haha sorry boss.

What i really loved about Uluwatu is (obviously) the incredible ocean and cliff. Malaysia definitely does not have this kind of wind-carved landscape. so touched to be able to see this! They say the sunset is even more beautiful, but for me, having seen an ocean full of Listerine is heart-stopping enough. And i felt grateful that the rain made the monkeys less daring than usual. My brother told stories of monkeys grabbing cameras during his trip here. HAHAHAHAH. so. that's it. 

There's still a lot more to post about Day 2. We stuffed the day so full with so many pictures, I guess I will just spare you the agony and keep the next installment for another day. HAHA. Time to sleep! it's Friday tomorrow wooots :D

Goodnight and sweet dreams! remember give all your worries to God before falling asleep, that's the best way to do it :)

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