Mar 10, 2013

of gelato and heartbreak.

dear whoever-it-is that reads my blog. ... ... i would like to say ... ...  HELLO! 

before i began to say anything of real substance, it is always customary to make a few excuses so that you guys know what are the obstacles that have been preventing me setting the blogosphere(ugh i hate that word) on fire. 

1. the keyboard lost its mind. remember the time when i used the hairdryer to blow ants out from the keyboard? melted keys aside, most of the keys suddenly lost their functions a couple weeks later. the on-screen keyboard is seriously a pain in the x. imagine having to spell out every single word in a sentence to communicate. the keyboard rendered me mute and highly decreased my insulting skills. and of coz. can't blog lah! 

2. timeee. after beginning my internship i've been hit by a tidal WAVE of fatigue every day. after dinner i settle in by playing with baby Javen and then sinking into the soft clutches of the bed. its refreshing to live a homey life rather than my previous constant-online addiction. ah. who am i kidding. so once i get bored of lazing i will get back to blogging. heh. 

3. the AMOUNT of backlogged pictures that i need to edit. BALI oh BALI. how i miss you. apart from the wonky keyboard, the laptop's capacity is nearing its limit. hence the tiniest editing that i need to do will result in the laptop throwing a tantrum. i guess its time to buy a new laptop. or reformat it. anyhow. I'm wading my best through the murky depths of my dusty Pictures folder and trying not to let the wonderful memories of the trip get to me. it can be pure torture to the stifled spirit. 

a worklife involving cranky computers, non-ergonomic chairs and fluorescent lights can only provide so much freedom. not to mention having to research freaking good food that others are having while your stomach's growls can be heard by your colleague sitting next to you. 

my point it, i avoid working on my blog posts because i can't take the temptation to click to for the next trip.

HAHAHA. are my excuses impressive? 

here's a couple of pictures to keep you sated. Sandra gave me one of my favoritiest shirts! but so far i don't dare to wear in front of mom. HAHAHAHAHA. thanks kuching! I will try to live up to your lansi expectations! 

I like boys in navy blue. YUMMEH.
he's currently very good in sucking his thumbs, producing copious amounts of saliva, and talking to himself. with both fists in his mouth. and slobbering. hows that for multitasking? attaboy!

GELATO cravings satisfied. OH YEH. 

since i'm currently working on  a restaurant guide publication, in between my research of good food, i keep a running list of hunt-worthy noms in my head. 

it's constantly updated. like CONSTANTLY. 

so its hard work ticking off the boxes. at least this one is done! 

Cielo Dolci's (pronounced ceh-lo dol-chee) gelato in Paradigm Mall. 

The flavors mashed in this tiny RM15.80 cup is Salted Caramel with Fairy Dust, Coconut Gula Melaka, and flavor of the day Apple Pie. 

if the mood hits me. if not, you can always wait for grace to update her blog. she's much more diligent at this stuff.

ohkay. i'm not prepared to say anything of substance today. sorry to disappoint. I'm currently recuperating from my post-inti-visitation withdrawals. DEPRESSION. you read me? going back to inti last week was a slight mistake. although i do need to pick up my book vouchers, but seeing all the old friends and breathing the old air and jogging through the same old streets and eating all the old good food just made my heart BREAK.

sowie. i'm still a childish uni kid. i don't wanna enter the world yet!

too bad. about to face reality in the form of monday morning in .... 5 hours later.
time to end these posts in my usual abrupt way. ah. who am i kidding. work is fun. it is fun. i love work.


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