Mar 25, 2013

Mulberries & Germs of Thoughts.

The mulberries in the garden ripened! So happy to see tiny bundles of them hanging from the spindly bush when i got back from church yesterday afternoon. Before that the bush looked so much like a hibiscus tree that i ignored it completely. Then dad told me that its "some sort of berry tree". So i happily braved the glaring sun to pick them off the bush. Plus some of the cili padi that is ripening like crazy. There's only so much spiciness that one can take. Anyone wants free cili padi?? 

There's a germ of thought that always worms itself into my head every time i help mom to pick the "garden produce". 

Hand-picking fruits in the sun, breathing in fresh air, ducking lazy bees, looking at all the greenery. 

I wonder why is it that we have the perception that working with your hands is cheap labor and one should stay in the office which means a better job? 

There are lots of people with calluses in their hands. Be it from growing their vegetables, churning cheese, baking, playing music, painting, carpentry.. All of these are also jobs, and respectable ones at that! 

The old perception of "office=success" should just bury itself and go die. the air-conditioning and fluorescent lights are as soul-sucking as the green plants are nourishing. 

Plus all that sweat is good for you. HAHAHAH. 

anyway. so that's the germ of thought. 

what do you think? 

Grace made Oreo cheesecake with strawberries for sukkie's birthday! I joined the ranks of the aunties and accidentally divulged the surprise they were supposed to give her. whatever lah.

she already knew everything.

The cheesecake iz surprisingly nice! one of the best she has made so far.

apart from being physically very thin, the taste and texture memang not bad. they put some sort of lemony-lime juice in the filling.

refreshing! :D

secret recipe cheeesy creamy stuff iz made for a mouthful only. This one i think i can nom bowlfuls. ehehhehehe.

grace wanna use the laptop again. i think her backlogged photo collection is even more humongous than mine. 


p.s: the mulberries turned out damn sour. mom says they aren't ripe yet. you have to wait till they're DARK PURPLE. almost black. gah impatience kills the cat. 

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