Mar 30, 2013

BALI DAY 2- GWK Cultural Centre

I think it’s high time I continue this writing practice. HAVE TO STICK WITH MY RESOLUTIONS. So much backlogged travel photos gunking up my laptop and weighing on my conscience is totally not what I need right now. 

So, let’s continue with Bali Day 2! Going to bed at 3am the night before made me a very bad riser. 

Everyone was bugging me to wake up. 

“breakfast is served! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP”. 

Finally dragged myself off bed, cleaned up in the slimy green tiled bathroom and went next door, expecting a spread of hot crispy toast and warm tea. 

instead, sapta petala's breakfast:
Nice touch on the cutesy eggs but they taste kinda waxy and plasticky. I had to work hard to swallow the bread. 
And the tea tastes more like Chinese herbal teh than English tea. Still. It’s edible. After downing the breakfast, we piled into Nyoman’s awaiting car for the first destination of the day!
-Not so soon. The trip on the road took quite some time-
So. Here we are! GWK cultural centre. It’s situated quite high up in a .. hill? sort of windy place and you can see the flatlands all around you. Some slight drizzling when we first arrived but it stopped soon after. There’s some sort of entrance fee when we’re driving in. Only Sing Han replied the guy’s question. Then the guy charged us local rates! HEHEHE. Either he has Indonesian accent or we just look very local. At least we saved a bit on the entrance fees! And we were practically their first visitors that morning. That’s the problem. We came too early. Most of the services weren’t available yet.
trying to understand the map. as you can see from nian fong's yawning, we were still in *just woke up from car mode*

We just wandered around following the helpful map and took pictures around the place. very uncrowded and chill place.
First off, a.... sort of auditorium. I supposed that there will be some sort of traditional dance performances. But since we weren't into that stuff, so.. moving on! 

There are huge limestone pillars on each side of this... field(?)

apparently GWK is also a place for huge outdoor concerts. So beautiful and windy! I don't think there would be any neighbours complaining about the noise haha.
Another major attraction of GWK is also the huge sculptures of the Hindu god Vishnu. There is a mini map of GWK on the brochure, and the illustrations on the map are like Vishnu's head, the Garuda's head, Vishnu's arms... they're HUGE. more on that later. So its huge, and we took some photos, and moved on. 

Nian fong is looking up at the Vishnu head. Very nice views of Bali. we even saw a plane taking off. Should be near the airport then. 
next attraction: some milky two-colour pool. they tried tossing coins in for wishes. 
milky pool. sorry for the cardigans. HAHAHA. but it was really cold and windy and rainy!
went to some abandoned looking space and fiddled a bit with their traditional instruments. 
Too bad there aren't any signboards explaining the purpose of these items. 

finally its 10am! time for our free manicures and temporary tattoo services! MUST DO ALL THE TOURISTY STUFF HEH. 

we cheapos headed to the place and sat down waiting for the tattoo artist to put on his shirt. (he seems to be sleeping right in the 'art gallery')

the art gallery had some pretty nice things on display, but still, nothing on hand to explain. right in the middle of the space where we were supposed to be doing our manicure, there's a very intricate sculpture of vishnu riding on a garuda, with lots of surrounding curlicues and patterns on the garuda's wide-stretched wings. It seemed to be cut from huge pieces of cardboard stuck together.

pretty impressive. that was about two metres high. NOW THAT ONE HAD A SIGN. so i skimmed through it, and put two and two together. with my broken bahasa i also asked the manicure lady for some confirmation. so the two metre intricate sculpture in the gallery is just a model of the huge statue to come. 

turned out that HUGE VISHNU HEAD and HUGE GARUDA HEAD and HUGE VISHNU ARMS that we had seen earlier were just the separate tiny parts of a whole sculpture.  IN PROGRESS. and GWK stands for Garuda Wisnu Kencana. Sort of a park to tell the story of the mythical bird and god. the estimated final size of the statue will be 150 metres high and the wings span 64 metres across. 


here's the website if you wanna know more. 
spot gordon's cat!
so we took turns doing manicures and temporary tattoos and acting badass.
then the guys got into the mood and demanded manicures too. 

"sorry mom"

you can see behind nian fong is part of the vishnu model thing. By the way he loves his dolphin. which smudged and turned into a weird shark looking thing later. 

too bad the designs of tattoos were really limited. just flowers and stuff. which i don't like. AHHAHAH. finally (i was the last one to go for tattoo) chose this lizard one. 

(*makes lizard noises*tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk) 

the guy did a pretty good job. at the beginning he was really insistent on us just choosing designs on a particular page, so i thought maybe he used a stencil or something. turned out that he drew all of this by hand. 


liz got her hibiscus kinda customised, suzian got a huge rose to block her bruise which she got in a fight with her brother lol, i got a lizard, nian fong got a dolphin, sing han got some hibiscus, and gordon got a CAT. HAHAHA. 

actually given between cockroaches and lizards, i'd chose lizards anytime of the day. there used to be one living under a cupboard in my living room. then whenever we were watching tv and the advertisements came on, the lizard would appear and gobble up any nearby bug. never did get around to give it a name though. :(

ended the visit to GWK with some more touristy shots. in all, i would give this place a 2 out of 5. it would be a great place to visit for a vishnu-fan but for me, the place seems rather abandoned and most of the facilities aren't maintained well. Nothing much of other significance here. Perhaps its due to being an obviously touristy place. We visited other places which were much more impressive (for me lah).

I would totally blog more but its been a seriously long day. Time to sleep. heh. hopefully i get my blogging mojo tomorrow and continues this stuff. Last time i hated reading blog posts with XX TRIP DAY 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4. 

now i understand why. TOO MUCH PHOTOS. 

please bear with me yah. heheheh. next up is bali's must eats. heh. 


*the font settings are murder. shall ignore*

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