Feb 8, 2013

so why i started caring about chinese new year.

let's see.

1.first it began with the pineapple tarts. 
when grace made them, reading up so much on pineapple tarts has already transported me to the world of crumbly pineapple tart goodness. which also conjures up images of drinking tea (or assorted sugary drinks), television blaring, adults trying to catch up with what has happened since the last time they met or just to reminisce, kids running amok, red and gold decorations flapping in the wind.... ... nothing infects you with CNY virus like the innocent looking pineapple tart. i should've foreseen the dark side. 

2.soon it was amplified by the NEWYEAR+NEWCLOTHES=SALESALESALE itch.
sitting ducks to the magical 4-letter word, SALE signs automatically appears seemingly overnight. and like deers who know its time to mate when spring comes, we know its time to shop when spring comes. 
"BUY NEW CLOTHES LIAO AH?" the all important question is basically a useful conversation starter in the days before CNY, making the CNY snowball roll ever faster downhill.

3.then it picked up speed with the CNY songs. 
they're everywhere. basically everywhere in my vocabulary means the malls since that's where everyone hangs out anyway. even on quiet weekdays the CNY songs are on full blast. not to mention the bustling weekends where malls are stuffed to their gills. and somehow my internship made me travel to different malls even more which only gave the CNY songs a chance to drill holes in my head. 
and it's playing on the radio. 
and it's playing on the tv. 
you can't escape them. 
in a moment of extreme shame, you find yourself humming the irritatingly upbeat tunes.

4. now its an all out epidemic with the (dark expression,hushed tone) SOCIAL MEDIA.
when Peter posts a picture of an mandarin orange on his Instagram, Susan and Sally and Sonya and Sharon and Shannon all saw it. whether they paid attention to it isn't important. what's important is, the picture of the mandarin orange registered in their minds and now their minds have a "CNY hint". All proceed to post respective CNY hints be it pineapple tarts (eheh), red shirts, red shoes, maneki-neko. or maybe just najib's infamous festive red packets.
said redpackets

my point is. the social media nowadays is one gigantic bandwagon and what goes on instagram goes to facebook goes to twitter and might never make it to google+. but that's still okay. cause by now gazillions of users are already infected by the must-post-something-CNY virus. 

5. come to think of it, the MALL is related to many of the CNY virus infections.  
call it cultural responsibility, call it clever marketing, we have to admit that the shopping malls in malaysia played an extremely important and difficult role in ensuring that the chinese experience the "CNY atmosphere". they string up lights, they put up decorations that shoppers will stop to admire (no mean feat--just take a look at SHIP in the mall), they organize events, they got all those chinese orchestra quartets to enchant the shoppers, they offer irresistible sales, they do everything within their power, and i'd say it worked. 

Javen's socks. They smell so good.

6. or maybe just blame it on age. 
as we grow up, we change, we see things in new ways, we start to appreciate a vastly different story. for me, CNY isn't about the money or the food anymore. i won't go all mushy and proclaim my love for culture or family. Basically i really loved the holiday that came with it, and of course seeing all my relatives again. Somehow or other, i've left the adolescent who dreaded hometown visits, reads books in corners to ignore all relatives,and thinks that those adults talking are just the boring-est group ever. 

give yourself a chance. listening to their crazy stories and experience with the world today isn't something that you can do everyday. dad used to go swimming in the river then hide under the bridge when the principal comes looking for them. 

Things one should do in the year of the snake's celebration:
1. piece together the bits and pieces of dad and mom's story!
2. try to collect interesting facts about your long lost cousins. 
3. read timeoutkl daily for your complete list of things to do this CNY!

Do everything within your power to enjoy this CNY.

it's the last public holiday that we're gonna have for awhile. 

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