Jan 25, 2013

the rigors of age-blackberry update

invalid crippled blog here, i see. 

been such awhile since i updated. mostly it's because usually Grace is using the laptop and i'm lazy to drag it from her in desperate mode, and i'm trying to quit (rephrase: cut down) my social media addiction, and the internet was down for a few days. 

so there. 

customary explanation over with (as if anyone cares), it's time to once again waste internet bandwidth by showing you what i've been up to.

in full blurry blackberry camera glory.


received huge fat mail one day. SO EXCITED. turned out to be my Penang Bridge Marathon certificate! gonna show it to my grandkids someday. family heirloom too. maybe preserve it or something. my achievement of a lifetime. Right now, that habit of jogging for a few months seemed to have disappeared altogether. And seriously, the signs are showing. Post-uni flab. WEURGH. 

+++ the huge fat mail also included PTPTN's efficient action: a thick document reminding me to pay up my loans. teehee. 

+++ also thanks to danni and peggy for the lovely christmas cards! i love you guys! 

so after a few days of lepaking at home, being a good girl... ... it's time to... 
hi cafeteria! Heng came back from Paris! souvenir & chocolates galore! and he told so many stories of his semester there, i'm glad and jeles at the same time. he seemed more mature and experienced somehow. I guess going overseas does change a person. wider horizons, different view of things. i know its good. i want to go. ah but my plans. tergendala. damn. 

enough of worries. so why did i turn up at cafeteria? cause we're going to the airport.

and why the airport?


first meal of the trip. 

reached in stormy night, had slight problems with the airport staff.

 turned out everywhere was closed. we decided to stop by a roadside stall packed with locals. anyway i took the photo of the chili while we're waiting for the mie to come. will blog properly about bali. if i get into the mood. more lovely pictures over there than the pathetic collection in my phone. 

 tis' how they serve it. 

*inserts activities, sight seeing, and eating*

and guess what we saw? 
OH STARBUCKS. global wifi public washroom. coffee on the side. WE LOVE YOU. smart marketing!!!
taken in spa room. dim lighting. 


*inserts activities, sightseeing, sleeping, eating, sightseeing, sleeping, eating, drinking, pool, eating*


*wilting hot sun*


goodbye. i'm coming back for the surfing! 

we found merry! this is fated. fated!! for more information, please call. 

 internship officially begins. 
found reasonably cheap food. RM7.90 for this. we also found RM4.50 noodles. not bad for KLCC area eh.  
watched happy sharks every night. they worship the lava lamp and look after my glasses. 
ooooh ben sherman has the nicest shop assistants. and clothes. and bags. lately i find myself looking at more bags for guys. interesting leather accents, dark blue canvas, nicely structured... ..... hmm.

I steam iron the clothes. a lot of them. my biceps ache ahahahaha. and help out. and carry stuff. and take behind the scenes photos. and fold clothes. and throw balloons around. and talk to the models. and ate. and gotten a chance to see how magazine photoshoots actually take place! wheeeee.

a tiny portion of what we brought over that day. the editors are really good stylists! 

"I dreamed a dream in time gone by." 

by the way, here's an interesting article from the Telegraph. really spoke my thoughts. ever since mr lim the music teacher showed us the 25th anniversary musical of Les Miserables when i was 15, I've bought the dvd and watched it quite a few times. My all time favorite musical!!! 

and those singers are no joke. voices that go on and on like crashing waves and make your heart soar. 

hence when the movie came out i forced Grace to go with me. so much high hopes but i guess the leading men weren't singer material. since all the lines were sung, (i laughed very hard at the "don't understand" line. somehow very serious moments became comical when they sang their lines.) 

but still. at least this movie raised awareness of the original musical, which i dont think many Malaysians were aware of, and probably most of the world. 

some are even asking "does Les Miserables stand for Miserable Lesbians?" 

WAUGHH. i dont mean to judge, but ah........ not funny. 

(the girl up there? she's not anne hathaway. a really sweet model from Russia!)

eileen's surprise birthday dinner! she was very very surprised. bagus surprise. good job ethel! 

nice catching up with them.Kay and Khai Shuang were there, and its been awhile. i feel like an adult. 
reminiscing about old times over dinner and drinking chinese tea. AND enjoying it. OLD LIAW LA. 

noticed a recent trend in cat motifs. I KNOW THIS ONE CUTESY. but there are loads of other edgy cat prints! last i checked, this wasn't the year of the cats. but anyway, sandra will be pleased.  
coronary waiting to happen. public holidays in January are in abundance. I take full advantage. yes i shall. met up with nico and sandra for a day of shopping! 

watched Parker.wiseguy movie! nice action scenes, reasonable violence (unlike some crazy stuff that makes me emo for days), and basically, a movie about crooks. and how they backstab. and punch. don't expect scary big boss and all that. It's a Jason Statham one man movie. And La Lopez on the side. What's with movie names being the same as the leading character names anyway? Jack Reacher, Parker... ... 

and jostled with the crowds. didn't buy anything at the end. crowds make my eyes half closed and i tune out of shopping mode. I'm turning into a mini-mom. weeeell. I'm her daughter after all. 

beautiful morning before i head in the gray building! i can get used to this.

as always, i like to end my blog posts on a sudden note.


sorry friends. i break promises.


maybe i'll write more when my liver isn't ringing an alarm.


Jan 15, 2013

the things that go through your head.

scientists say talking to yourself makes you smarter; i think i have increased quite a few intelligence quota lately.

it's the second day of internship: suddenly the smell of horlicks wafted through the train.

oh wells. better than yesterdays silent fart.

time to sleep. i could get used to this cycle. yes?

Jan 12, 2013



Jan 6, 2013

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Muffins!

happy new yeh! 
1. stuff peanut butter cups in muffin mix. (grace likes to do it from scratch. i think i would use mix)
2. utilize ingredients available. ran out of Peanut Butter Cups. so replaced it with chocolates with alcohol..see the melting chocolatesss. eunice likes it. 
3. squeeze peanut butter frosting on top. i kinda failed. 

It's the 6th of January 2013! so not used to being Finally Twenty Two. we spent the Sunday at Summit Hotel's Ballroom for the annual congregation of all New Life Churches. Pastor Jeremiah shared on the Year of God's Jubilee, release and redemption in our lives. Jubilee was something that i've always read in the Old Testament but didn't understand its significance. 

A year for rest, release, rejoice, rejuvenation, renewal. 

time to end the old cycle and give our all to Him! :D

will share more on this. 

haven't decided on any specific new year resolutions. but the long term aims remain the same. 

all the best to everyone!