Dec 8, 2012

Wolf-Approved Shopping!

hewwo! am back from the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale! BBWBS whew that's a mouthful! hmm. wasn't very interested about this event when someone told me about it last year. maybe it's because there's already too much books that i didn't manage to finish. but hor, this year nico mentioned it to me at least twice, then stanley tagged me with that 63-hour-opening photo on facebook. heard a lot of good comments about it too.  rm8 cheap die and whatnot. 

decided to go with graceet, ethel, and a few of graceet's besties. books aren't for everyone! :(  was debating whether we should go there at 4am or not. since we were still awake and the sale was like open for 63 hours over the weekend. HAHAHAH. but if i did that, mom would most probably disown me. 

so uh. nice girls we are, went at 8am. 

the whole place jam-packedddd!

slogan at the parking entrance: "drive the books home, your passengers can walk"

 the entrance. "THE WORLD'S BIGGEST BOOK SALE!!!"

and you can see the OCBC guy in a red polo tee extending his gracious promotion towards me. during the whole time at least 3 industrious OCBC promoters asked me to sign up for the card.

aaagh. kawan, i'm still student lah.

 until finally a nice kind guy saw me with armfuls of books and gave me his OCBC recycling bag. lol i think after that the promoters thought i signed up already gua.

the event seemed very well planned. by the entrance were loads of cardboard boxes. people were using those to carry the books they want.

and more customers brought luggage bags or trolleys to carry their books!

these people are probably librarians or aspiring bookstore owners.

very good graphic design work on their posters and banners too!

walked around the huge space, meticulously combing for books. biceps were already hurting from the three hard covers i found on kenny's order list.

the non-fiction area took me about an hour. lots of interesting National Geographic photo collections, New York Times compilations, a huge stack of bibles, Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver stuff, Beatles memoirs, freakonomics, dying chinese architecture, graphic design books (ooooh).... .... the prices were really unbelievable! most paperbacks and many hard covers go for RM8 each, while some are within the range of RM15-20.

me and grace had been starving the whole morning, and finally when she found me, she was grumpily lugging a cardboard box of books she wants and this horrible expression on her face. hahahah. right after she found me, i saw this book:
HAHAHHA. she found a couple of shopaholic books for big-less, many cookbooks for herself, and basic learning books for Javen's intellectual improvement. Then we spent more time looking at cookbooks. WAUGH the hunger. 

finally i gave in and got a Jamie Oliver book. heheheheh. hopefully will put those recipes to good use :P

luckily the queue wasn't horrible.
that's the boxful of stuff we got! too bad that i didn't manage to find some books that i really really want. will have to pay retail for them loh. then kenny wanted some nicholas sparks books. that author so fames, but can't find any there too :( 

very efficient payment process. came out and waited for the others. graceet went to take a clearer picture of the entrance. 
and also this! the Wolf Car. 
~~~ this is my first time getting up close and personal with a Lamborghini!!!!! gosssh so beautiful. now to find a Maserati hahaha. but i think only small and sleek people can fit in the car loh.  

my turn my turn. heh. somehow i prefer the design of the back. they offered photo op with the car too. some studio takes it for you and prints it in a nice BBWBS card at RM10. 

rushed back for worship practice at 2pm. but already very very satisfied! sad with the lack of famous authors i wanted, but found a few lovely books that i plan to savor :DD

feel a bit paiseh about showing people my readlist. somehow... from the books one reads, you can actually evaluate that person... and kinda know how he/she thinks about things. private stuff lah! 
should've brought more. ish. RM166 for this pile.  before i went for the event, someone tweeted "BBWBS is just 50% of Sophie Kinsella and 50% random authors". I BEG TO DISAGREE. the variety there is actually mindblowing. really the best and largest book sales i have been to so far. plus all of the books are new books! 
actually i brought very little books for myself loh! nvm save the moneh for retail price :( thank you Axcess bookstores for bringing the largest book sale in the world to Malaysia! most of the books offered there were really unique and well-selected! would totally swipe them if not for budget constraints. there's something for everyone. if you claim to dislike reading words, there are still LOADS of memoirs, photography collections and travel stuff. there's this Kanye West memoir. Bigger than the TV at my home. ok la exaggeration. but still, i think you gonna enjoy it lah.

ouch. time to sleep. i think aching muscles needs lots of sleep to recover. *words of a mass comm student*


  1. *amazed* Anyway I think you have quite a huge amount of Manglish in this particular blog post. Hmm whai ahh?

  2. i forgot my resolution to write better! hahaha was kinda rushed so my natural manglish came out. lol. you noticeddd :(