Dec 29, 2012


friends, it haz been a fuggeringly busy month! had a sneaking feeling that this blog has been dead for 22 days. which is BAD. by my standards. 

marilah take a look at blurry bad quality photos from my blackberry. you're welcome.
shingyi came over for a short visit! we had an unplanned Christmas Eve dinner together at Nando's. they provided party packs with cockerel props and stuff. cute! everytime i visit Nando's, see their posters, or read their menus, it's always quite interesting to see Malaysian copywriting show some standard. lol not to say i'm very good at it myself, it's just a refreshing change from what we have seen over the years.

looads of makan trips. here's fames Klang cendol:

and rojakk

and. cendol campur. excuse my lazy language.

some people for a change. hahahhahah i would make a bad food blogger. totally paiseh to take close ups of nice food and usually would gobble up most of them before remembering to take a pic. haisssh. anyway i think the famous cendol wasn't as good as i expected. grace says she thinks the ice shaving machine isn't working that day. so the ice was kinda,..... rough. prefer Pak Li's! teehee. 

 by the way. nice rojak sauce! that one made it worth the trip. 

after that, we continued to Chong Kok (中国lol) Kopitiam for the tiny-onigiri like packs of nasi lemak. not gonna use words like incredible or amazing here. its just very... homely and well-balanced. would totally eat it everyday hahahah.
saw this horrible money eating machine during Christmas present shopping. wanted to get that fluffy pink sheep thing. hahaha. we saw a couple with the girl holding a bunch of toys that seemed to be from the machine, then the guy playing the machine. so it seemed easy enough. mana tau failed. decided to give up before it eats too much of our moneh.

too bad. some of the toys are kinda good. not that i had any use for them anyway. just another side-effect of watching too much fun fair romanticizing media in my formative years.

 eeeeh. more random pictures. remember the jamie oliver book i bought from the big bad wolf? i discovered my new hobby for reading recipe books!!! one my worst discoveries this break. so many changes in my mindset. hahah i know this is weird but i've always viewed those who like reading gardening books and recipes as "AUNTIES". and "WEIRD". and "LAME". kiddy mentality!

now i like reading recipes. and enjoys baking.

what on earth happened.

finally met up with this new man in my life!!!! the eventful first meeting was just a few posts down i guess. 

after 20 something days of my final days at INTI,  I missed out so much! for example, his hairstyle changes!  

hehehe. its his full moon celebration tomorrow! stay tuned for the decorations and preparations we're doing. actually we're still doing it. i'm just slacking off in the middle of cupcake decoration to blog. grace gonna kill me. 

and by the way. my final days at INTI are toooo eventful to document. happened in a whirlwind so i kinda forgot what happened. HAHA! will try to sort out my thoughts once i'm more settled down and try to document them here. else i'd never remember what happened. @@ 

count the candles on the cake! there're 10 fat ones! NO KIDDING. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMPS.
its quite amazing how he can still walk by himself and has a relatively normal memory at his age. went through so much ups and downs, but still resilient. stay strong! :D

last but not least. random pics of siu mai! kid you not we made these. bought wantan skin, grace minced the pork, i prepared the prawns and marinated the stuff.. wrapped em' all up.... its easier than i thought.

here's how it looks like after the steaming process! cepat cepat drove out to get Kampong Koh garlic chili heheh. shall improve further by mincing the meat more. its too.... springy. hahaha.

had a very very productive break actually. all thanks to semangat Graceeet.

ok. time to get back to my buttercream baby birds. they look like melted snowmen. ARGH.


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