Dec 4, 2012


hello everyone! i have just read my previous blog post. and come to a conclusion: my writing seems very rushed. @@ perhaps it's time that i learnt how to write things in a slower language and style. starting today! 

so...for quite some time, i've seen my friends posting pictures of their nephews and buying things for their nieces. although those babies are cute, but i personally don't understand their fixation. nephew only mah!
hahahaaha. until today. 

now i don't understand how could i think that way back then!

nephews and nieces are one of the nicest things that could happen!


ladies and gentlemen, introducing the 4 day old baby Javen Koh!
whatchu lookin' at? 
i loooove it when babies yawn. and they sleep all the time. wheeee. how i wish i can have their life. 

we got the good news on saturday morning 11am. 

it's a kinda long story actually. bro was in charge of an event on saturday morning, which is a sort of prayer run for Kota Kemuning, plus prayer meeting, then a community activity of clearing all the unsightly lintah darat stickers from the area. 

when Grace mentioned this event to me on friday night, i was (as usual) yawning my head off and fatigued to the max. so my first response was "NO."

then Grace kept saying "marilah support brother!"


at 5:30a.m. 

i pried my eyes open. 
and dragged my sleep-deprived-post-FYP self off the bed.

i heard grace talking on the phone with bro but didn't pay much attention to it. 

when we reached church, i saw a whole bunch of people. 


when i turned to Grace, she's like, "bro told me he can't make it! heheheheh. but since you're here already, let's go run!"


after jogging for about.... 3km i guess. running about Kota Kemuning at 6am is quite a unique experience! met a tennis coach from Acts Generation church. btw this event involves many different churches around K.K :D

had a nice breakfast session with nicholas, chiyan and graceet. it's been awhile since we had these morning mamak chats :)

after the prayer meeting at 9am, it's time to go into the streets and get our hands dirty! 

more than 100 of us were separated into teams and worked in different areas.

those horrible stickers come with some sort of super grade glue.
Ps. Kwan working hard at the stuff.
Here at ONKING we encountered the most stickers. almost died scraping them off. first we used coins lol. then finally some helpful members of HisTeam passed us some tools and gloves. 

When they told us to scrape off these stickers, i thought that there aren't that much stickers in the neighborhood. in my perception, Kota Kemuning is quite clean and nice. HAHAHAH.
how wrong i was. it's still clean and nice. but i have grown so accustomed to the stickers that they didn't register in my eyes. 

freaking countless stickers in the neighborhood.  
cannot scratch at the sticker. have to puuush the thing. got blisters. -.-
sometimes when we got overwhelmed (there's just too much!), we just scraped off the phone numbers HAHAHAHA. looks a lot like vandalism though :x
some of the newer green ones can be peeled off easily. i suspect those new ones were just put on yesterday. but those older ones. are helll to remove. 

really curious in the brand of glue they used.


then still got those.. electricity boxes! FULL OF ADS! 
we descended upon the poor electricity boxes and scraped the whole thing clean! some of the stickers were layered upon each other and got mouldy with rain. powder and mold flew everywhere.


quite funny though. i think we looked like cleaner fishes. 

finally it's time for lunch! apart from church members, there were many MBSA volunteers who helped out too! :D 

they also provided free lunch by the lakeside.
food oh yesssh 
 Graceet. Chiyan. Sukkieeee
 went to pick up our food. nasi lemak, curry chikin, mixed rice. sirap limau. mineral water.
 whee! this turned into an impromptu lunch by the lake! we perched all over the playground. hahaha.
horrible zoom function. henry & jacky.
lee song eating on the roots. so avatar!
nicholas and lee han! :D 
 all eating in weird poses.
 hohoho. so after the tiring morning, went back home. mom told us that sis-in-law delivered! so that's the reason bro didn't turn up for the morning run -.-   :D

so happy that graceet wanted to rush over to the hospital immediately. but had worship practice and stuff at 2pm, then youth after that, so graceet sadly delayed her plans and got Lee Han to replace her as keyboardist at klang church that night. 

somehow. after youth. we excitedly drove over to Sunway Medical Center. (which bro told us he made reservations for delivery at last week during youth camp. and i think i asked mom whether it is sunway medical.). 

after lots and lots of confused conversations on the  phone to find out their room, 

"3A? you sure? meet us at the lift?"


"there's no 3A here! it's the oncologist!"


"IT'S 3A..."


"cik, sini bukan delivery ward lah"


finally i asked. 

"which hospital are you at?"

"Tung Shin Hospital, near Jalan Bukit Bintang."


pathetic new aunts.

dang! then mom and dad (who went there earlier) had conflicting opinions about letting us come over kl. firstly i don't know the way. then mom says its too late. then dad tried to give me directions. then mom says the traffic is too bad don't come. then dad gave up and says no need come liao lah.

then Grace started crying. 

i was very mad at myself for not clarifying where is the hospital, and very sad at not seeing the new boy. and frustrated at the crying thing next to me. 

so i kinda asked loudly. "WHY YOU KEEP CRYING?"

she cried even louder."I WANNA SEE BIG-LESS!"
"WAAAAA!" *inserts pouring tears*

lol. i was near crying myself. HAHAHAHA. 

when i heard that.. it's very "awww" the way she showed her love and concern for the dear sis-in-law. thought she wanted to see Javen more. mana tau its the pretty mom! 

but i needed emergency help. so i called Euniceet and let Grace talk to her. when Eunice heard Grace sobbing and all, she was so worried that something happened to the baby and kept asking "WHAT WHAT WHAT???!"

HAHAHAHAHAH. had to grab the phone from the can't-talk-due-to-tears-grace and explain the situation. 

pathetic people we are. no mood for dinner. drove back home.

even worse.

no house key.


you have got to be kidding me.

one of the worst days in history wehh. 

went for dinner. 

the restaurant we went to "electricity putus" or some sort of lame reason, we were denied entrance!

finally went to nihonkai for some Japanese food to soothe our fried nerves.

here you can see the crying aunt finally smiling:
anyway. grace also spilled miso soup on herself during the meal. it's her first time. HAHAHAHAHAH. i think she aged by 10 years after this eventful day. Javen will get an earful from us once he's old enough to understand.

i called dad for the house keys and he promised to bring us over there Sunday morning after dawn prayer meeting!

reached KL without any scary jams and ahead of visiting hours lol. we had to stand outside the baby room and stick our heads in.

finally the star of the show is wheeled out!

this made all the stupid things we did yesterday worthwhile. T.T

 the three proud aunts! ignore eunice's duckface. and grace's wearing my NTU sweatshirt from siauli! muah.
unbelievable. HE'S A DAD! this boy who brings me out for scary bicycle rides through muddy roads, tells me he wants to sell me off, pushes me to the bottom of the pool until i almost ran outta breath, teases me when my face is full of chicken pox cream, plays the saxophone(and drums!) like a pro, charismatic leader of the school band, has truckloads of fangirls (when he's still slim), never says no to driving me around, gives me the best advice, wonderful leader of our youth cell group, best makan partner, the brother who always, always, gives me his best... ... 

likes to kacau his son's hair, it seems. 

i'm so proud of you! 


 very cute signage on the baby cot. "my mummy's name", "my birthday", "my body length".

3.2kg! wooooh.

have you heard of this joke?

an overweight lady went to the doctor and wanted to know the best way to lose weight.

doctor:"so... i have a few questions. kindly answer them honestly"


doctor:"what's the lightest weight that you have sustained so far?"

lady:"erm... can i say 3.2 kg?"

lol. read it from a Reader's Digest many many years ago. i think i was wayy heavier than Javen.

family portrait!!!! :D
three generations of Koh! dad so happy! he gonna stuff Javen full with durians. 
Eunice and KL! the weird uncle who says "heheheh 13 years later i bring you go youth camp". lol.
no kidding. this baby was sleeping the WHOLE TIME. tickled his face. wheeled him around to take pictures. talked and laughed. are all babies like this? hahahah. i haven't seen his eyes yet. can't wait to go home this weekend to kacau him. 

pretty B&W shots are by bro's friend. leonard png i think. so kewwwwt. he's quite hairy hor?

p.s: while waiting for the baby visiting hours to arrive, big less showed us some videos of the process. OHMAIGAT you can be sure i won't have babies. i will be the best aunt ever and lavish my love on everyone else's kids. and my cat.

anyway. hopefully my writing doesn't make you out of breath this time! hahahah. it's amazing to see a new life enter the world as a result of their love. Javen, may you grow up tall, healthy, handsome, with Dad's musical talent and Mom's wisdom and our love of food! we love you! A LOT!


  1. Harry & Merry eh? Didn't know you blogged also, lol. Is it 2 people blogging this blog btw?

    1. HAHAHAHA! you can read through this blog and find out for yourself. ok la i wont be so evil. tell u when we meet up!

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    1. look like shinchan. exactly your type. LOL! come back and i bring him out for you to play. :P