Dec 3, 2012


hohoho. christmas is coming! was going through some random snapshots on my phone. decided to dump them here! it's actually very useful. this lazy photo taking and diary writing. at least i wont forget that certain events took place. Although these pics are taken a month ago, i'm already like "woh! i forgot!". :(
time for more ginkgo biloba extracts.

very first pic: 
had been seeing McCafe pics on google when i did assignments. and lee kerr also raved about McCafes in Singapore. being an avid coffee drinker, of course we had to head over to the newly opened McCafe in McD Kota Kemuning! here's my latte. got that small heart shape coffee art. the taste is... ok lah. better than starbucks. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. 

and i love getting packages! here's a belated birthday present from yew. passed through many hands and crossed oceans to bring back my bonny to me. it's Saboteur 1 & 2!!! gotta have a lot of fun with them keke.

Random birthday celebration for Floee and Suz. secret recipe keke. sorry for the kiamsiap looking 3 slices but all of us were stuffed. so this will do.

selamat hari jadi! since we didn't had any megagigablastic dinners for them this time, shall make it up with imba presents! hahaha. good luck in your future. and hopefully we can still meet up after graduation :)

went food hunting for this place in Paradigm mall with the girls. it's located on the 3rd floor. Paradise (something something. forgot the actual name). It's very Chinese looking with lots of wooden furniture and this exclusive looking entrance. lovely juicy dumpling with whisper-thin skin. and flavorful soup. yummmm. 

 here comes our orders. everything is served in pork bone broth. THE RICH FLAVORRR. here's sooyee with her bowl of noodles. the bowl is very fat. bigger than her face. probably taller. but try as we might we cant' get a shot of the bowl that shows its size. aiks.
naimo & maimai. they serve some kind of special flower rice wine dessert. forgot to take a picture of it. its the empty white bowl between them hahahaha. quite unique. maimai says she has been searching for a very long time for this dessert. found it here! 

still trying to show the size -.-

it's a nice place! there's a water feature right in the middle of the restaurant, so you can hear the trickling water and soft music. Dim stylish lighting, Chinese waiters (from China i assume. their accents.) nice flavorful food etc etc. I really love the soup. can come try! i think the chinese name is 乐天客栈. Paradise Inn.. gua.

my pork broth noodles! The soup gets a tad heavy after awhile. which is why ginger is served on the side. mhmmmhmmm. having cravings for it already. ><

ooh. they went for massage while me and wilson went for starbucks. was a stressful period of projects.

had been considering a pair of heels for the longest time. but the comments i get when i wear heels is kinda... tiring. tall girls should just give this idea up.

compulsory food photos. my hands itch when i don't take pictures of the sushi. rainbow roll and tamago something. SUSHI ZANMAI YESSSSH. 

so the reason i went over for sushi at the Gardens is because i had to pick up some heels... for this!
tee hee. stay tuned. the time shall come soon.

ah. study week begins. finals looming on the horizon. picking up speed. two more days to go.
shall we fall? or shall we fight?

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