Dec 30, 2012

The White Ribbon Campaign!

hello! it's the 31st of December 2012! we did this campaign around 2 months ago. forgot the exact dates already lol. for an advertising subject called Creative Strategy Campaign, we had to (duh) come up with a campaign and execute it to the best of our means. the topic was social values or social issues. Sandra felt strongly about females that have no idea of their rights. even more so amongst us supposedly educated college students. 

when she raised this topic during the brainstorming session, at first i was kinda reluctant to take on such a serious issue for the campaign. 

for some, serious equals boring. 

but come to think of it. it is a relevant issue today. some of my friends even take physical violence from their boyfriends as normal. excuse me. normal? being brought up in a generation where the glass ceiling is slowly shattered and "girl power" is blared from loudspeakers everywhere, somehow this mindset shocks me. 

and not to mention emotional abuse, "accidental" sexual abuse, verbal abuse.... .... the list goes on. the recent news of Tchuna, the girl who was viciously gang raped and  passed away this morning itself. (surprising. googling Tchuna turned up RVP's jersey.

what happened in the minds of these men that makes them think it is alright to use someone like... dirt for their own pleasures? 

sickening. to say the least. 

so we made some research, and found out that there is already a world-wide campaign on this issue, called the "White Ribbon Campaign", to stop gender abuse, started by men to show support and respect for women.

i'm glad we tried to bring meaning to our final campaign on campus. 

Here's the White Ribbon Campaign, by the Mass Communicators of INTI-IU! 

since this is such a serious topic which requires A LOT to affect our target audience,  we decided to focus on  a few key strategies:

1.) origami crane

a message of the movie screening is printed and then folded into an origami crane. these cranes were put at various spots on campus to spread awareness regarding the campaign.

2.) video. a video was made of this.

many students pick up the origami cranes and opened them up, and near the ending of the video, a girl reads the message. she looks cool in her shades.
in the last scene, she took down her shades to reveal bruises on her eyes. 

the main message of the video is "you'll never know who needs help." it might be someone you know. it might be someone who seems strong and confident. things do happen. 

here's the movie screening poster:
another poster for the campaign. also printed different slogans on placards for people to pose with.
since INTI students are absolute social media addicts, and everyone knows everyone else (on facebook, that is), we took these placards to different spots on the campus, informed students on the campaign, and asked them to pose and take pictures with the placards. after that, these photos will be posted on the campaign page, which raises more awareness for the students and their friends. 
as some will use these shots as their profile pictures, this raises even more interest on the topic.
even got Mr. Alex in! :D when the photos are posted online, the person with the most "likes" gets a free event t-shirt. for your information, Mr. Alex won! hahahaha.

then came the day of the campaign. we're required to have a booth so decorated a couple of softboards with the intent of using them as backdrop for the runway. so will be simple and eye-catching. wanted to have a classy design. but turned out to look like the kelantan flag or something. gahh. 
blur photo from..sandra's phone i think. hahah
check out my balloons! hahahahah too cheap to get helium balloons so painstakingly blew the balloons by mouth, used cellophane tape to paste them to string, and hung them all over the concourse. did this from 12am till 2am lo. you can see the emotions on my face. haha! huge load of thanks to shaarmen, kenny, and kien who helped out :')
gave out white ribbon pins for everyone. 
here's minmin & venilia! part of the group. min's in charge of photography and publicity. most of the pretty pictures in this post is taken from her! venilia's sponsorship and uh.. crowd puller hahaha. having ice cream cones from the other group lol. stuffed ourselves full with free ice cream on that couple of days. 
a bunch of high schoolers passed by on a campus tour. 
free shirts with campaign page QR code! too bad the printing wasn't good enough to be scanned. :((((

and here's our main event:

event logo. hahahah. 

basically we derived this idea from the walk-a-mile marathon thingy by the Australian White Ribbon crew. they had this event annually for guys to walk a mile in high heels! actually its very very cool but we can't find that much high heels. so we modified it to become a runway instead. 

had runway trainings the night before. i sourced most of the high heels. HUGE HUGE HUGE FAT GRATITUDE to all the girls who sacrificed their heels for me :'')
feel his pain. 
girls doing their "abused" makeup. lol
guys pinning on their white ribbon pins and ready to go!

heheheh. me and owais by the sound systems. very kan cheong with the playlist.
they're backstage! 
proof that Alex dropped by! you can see shaarmen emceeing in the background. 
the runway was sandra's idea. basically it starts off with a couple walking down the runway all lovey dovey...
Mr. Aland, the head of Student Affairs Office agreed to walk as the "guy"!

suddenly, the romantic walk turned ugly. abuse happened. hahaha. but it became very funny though. 
then, a counselor took the mic and shared some of her experience with gender abuse to the crowd. some of the "abused girls" then took to the runway looking ... "abused". HAHAHAHA. this part was quite weird but basically they portray different types of abuse such as verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, etc. 
shaarmen takes to the stage again to explain the effects of abuse on girls, the campaign in general, and hype up the crowd for the guys to come on stage. 
got a blurry pic of nian fong in his heels. he's so steady! 

after the runway ended to hoots of laughter and applause, here comes the photo session! 
lizzy who came to support although her assignments and tests were murder and she only slept 2 hours the night before. :')

volleyball gang ftw :D 
cutesy poses. HEH.
got a bit carried away
sandy! aaaaaish. really really gonna miss working with you! near three years of numerous projects, events, camps, presentations, assignments... .... T.T by the way you can see the brochures in my hand.
some of the classmates! :D

and of course, the guys (and girls)who made this possible. 
thank youuu!!! 
some free time. shaarmen also helped out in any way that he could. can be honorary mass comm student lah!


had to use lotion to fit in the heels. :D

hmm. the second day of the campaign was as usual, giving out brochures and then a movie screening at the media centre with free pop corn. movies with the theme of gender abuse would be easier to reach out to the audience. basically our campaign ended this way.

the process of this campaign was seriously challenging. had so much disagreements and differences in workloads and sometimes i wonder whether group projects were just a tool by lecturers to torture us with. but all that is over and done with, and i learnt a lot.

glad that we ended the semester with a bang. scored well for the campaign too. hehe.

this isn't the ideal post to reminisce about 2012, but lately all i'm thinking about is the future. work. intern. friends.

during Youth Empowerment Camp, we were supposed to promote INTI.
before the camp began, eu jeen asked,"so are you going to sell INTI? or... be brutally honest?"

HAHAHAHAHAH. good question.

hating this place seems to be on default mode in most of us. truth to be told, there's quite a lot to dislike here. but at the end of my journey here, i find myself honestly promoting it. the people, the experiences, the memories. 

good luck, everyone!