Nov 29, 2012

Photos and Words: Sabah.

heheh. here's some highlights of our mission trip to a village in Sabah. originally planning to upload more pics and describe the whole trip in detail, sort of like a diary...  but uh.. blogger acting up, connectivity sucks, im running outta time, etc etc. enough of my lame excuses. just enjoy these few precious pics yea? :)

this sweet girl performing their traditional dance in the first night. 

second day. QPR! the boy we call QPR because of his Airasia X Queens Park Rangers jersey. anyway, ignore the orange nail polish. he's really cute! actually, that's not the reason i like him so much. its more of his dedication to detail and quiet attentiveness. 

Gabriel with his glitter mask! he dumps those pink glitter on for 'maximum effect". reminds me of the recent glitter trend hahah. i would totally wear his mask. if its wasn't too small for me. 

Sabah Next Top Models. the kid in the red shirt. poser maxxx. love their masks too!

LOVEEE this pic! sunday school venue was a simple wooden hut. and she was clambering on the.... doorway. managed to capture this moment yesssh.

tiger boy and his mask. 

trying to capture the glitter bokeh. their creativity is amazing. by our estimation, there's around 66 kids in the small room that Sunday morning. so glad that we managed to have enough supplies for them. 

two incredibly adorrrable siblings. they have identical rounds faces, happy eyes, and toothy smiles.
in this pic, they kept saying "meninggikan... meninggikan...", then standing on tiptoe at the camera. CUTEEEE
gorgeous views. 
QPR got very dissatisfied with his original mask and made another one. i like the patrick pink fluff. :D

kl helping a kid with his mask. more like kacau-ing. 

woot woot.
anyway. no idea how this pic got uploaded here. this is the toilet that we used. 5 stars by usual kampung standards!! :D

one of the many small soft toys we gave out to the kids. i'm making a wild guess that his name is Igor. this is the parrot in Aladdin right?? hahahah. shall google it after i publish this blog post. wish me luck!

*update: It's iago* =.=

anyway. there were loads other cute toys! elmo, cookie monster, an assortment of weird sesame street characters, disney characters, squishy footballs... they're those happy meal toys that look quite new. I WANT SOME. result of a mcdonald's-deprived childhood. :(

snuck a picture of the fames grace koh. she says she looks fat here. WHERE GOT. at least you're in focus! 
JUST LOOK AT THIS PLACE. this was taken by shing yi. we stopped by random roadsides. point and shoot, you can take lots of postcard-worthy pictures. Sabah oh Sabah. You're too pretty for words.

Anyway, it was a really lovely trip. The fresh air, the people, the weather, the timezone, the food........ had a very relaxing time. Will write more about this next time! :D

hmm hmmm hmm. it's been ages since i blogged right? had been very busy with final year project, trips, camps, and basically making the most of my limited time at INTI before i leave. the time is better spent with people and at places rather than facing the laptop and blogging. HAHAHAH. I find it quite weird when people ask me what am i doing at camp or whatever when i clearly know i have final year project due very very soon.

somehow i'm not freaked out.

yay. just completed it and will be ready for submission tomorrow.

wish me luck!

and thank God for being there for me through all this.

so much happened. so much to share. hopefully i'll have the time lah. there're plenty of stuff queued up. and finals are coming next week! WOOTS.

to end this on an informational note,

do watch THIS VIDEO. if you have the time. it addresses some of my thoughts and worries. and partly related to my FYP too. tenkew sandra for showing me this! :)

and secondly, it's never too late to go book shopping. HEH HEH HEH. see you there!

So long, farewell,
Auf wiedersehen, goodnight!

Nov 20, 2012


anyway. here's something. it's long and might be too wordy, but do read through it and give some thought to it. yeah? 























isn't it always like that? humans are short sighted and sad creatures. without God, we are nothing.