Oct 12, 2012

to regret or to regret.

hahah! in case you're wondering, there's nothing wrong with the title of this post. there's a couple of terms in chinese, which we had been debating over lately. 

the theory of "regret and regret". in chinese, there's a term called 遗憾, and another term called 后悔. 

initially i thought that both meant regret, but gordon attached new meaning to them! 

for the former, 遗憾 represented the emotion you experience when you have done something. the results might not be what you want, but at least you tried. for example, chasing the girl of your dreams. so if you managed to get her and live happily ever after, but the relationship didn't work out at the end, at least you can tell yourself, I TRIED. 

for the latter, 后悔 is the feeling of extreme regret because you didn't even try at all. for example, the girl of your dreams. you saw her, you let her pass you by. and 50 years later, you still live in regret for not taking action. 


anyway, that's his theory which he applied to almost everything. sounds legit? 

so uh, this week i've made some very weird decisions and choices. which i don't have time to dwell on for the moment. tomorrow will be MAPCU! my first and last private uni volleyball tournament to witness. get the gold babeh! and training was supposed to be on tonight. but since the rain (more like hurricane) was too much for us, we decided to go for massage and dinner! 

for a few weeks, i've been unable to sleep well, and always woke up hot and bothered. and the "tightness" around my shoulders been getting more and more serious, a bit hard for me to bear. 

wilson bought us to a tiny place near cyberjaya starbucks. quiet and cool, with a few experienced masseurs with traditional chinese medicine knowledge. the problem i had was tight shoulder muscles. what else? first world problem mah. bad posture, spent too much time with laptop, etc etc. 

felt so relaxed and comfortable after my shoulder & back session! i paid rm30 for that, which is quite expensive compared to those rm10 sessions at chiang mai's night market. but this one more worth it bah, cause it's more detailed and comfortable :D

bunbun went for the rm50 full body massage and liz got her knee "healed" with the leg massage. not exactly healed, just felt significantly better after the massage. that girl ah, can't event climb stairs properly due to her knee problems! and the guy can even know that she had back pains just from massaging her legs! bagus treatments. 

since this is my second time trying out massage and my first time in Malaysia, it's actually a fun experience! got satisfying "KRAAK" sounds when the masseuse pushed down on my back. the spine KRAAKS in various places heheheh. 

then after my session and we're waiting for bun's to finish, i just sat there and relaxed. felt as if someone put a warm towel on my back and shoulders. SO COMFY! 


its been a very random day. woke up to do some photoshop work for a friend, domino's, karaoke-ing, massage sessions, dinner, banana shopping... ... 

i have exactly 2 months left to live the life of a useless university student. to regret or to regret?? 

my back is still warm now. looking forward to a good night's sleep~

Goodnight!!! :D

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